Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Submitted by: S Short and Nancy Battle

George Soros-The Hairball Clogging The Swamp

That hairball is George Soros who hires armies of people to block and sabotage everything President Donald Trump attempts to accomplish for our country while causing chaos and confusion. The swamp cannot be drained until that hairball has been removed. That is the first priority.........
by Rev. Austin Miles

Vaccines: Good Or Bad?

When I was growing up I actually believed that the FDA was doing what it was designed to do, make sure the foods we eat are properly labeled, there was no bad things allowed in the food. I’m sure that when they first began that they did just that. But as I grew up people began telling me about the chemicals that they allowed to be put on our food and in our food and for many years I refused to believe that our government would allow that to happen. Then my eyes were opened.........
by Pastor Roger Anghis

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