Tuesday, May 30, 2017


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Leading Muslim Group Calls for Ramadan ‘Jihad’ Alongside Trump, Farage, May Headshots

The more the West acquiesces, appeases and submits, the more brazen the "moderates" become.

Betraying Campaign Promise, Refugee Admissions Will Explode in Coming Weeks

In the wake of Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, this is unconscionable.

NYC Bans Religious/Political Ads, Then Runs Religious/Political Ads Promoting Hijab

New York City has banned all political and religious ads (the Geller ban), so how is it that NYC can run these anti-freedom political and pro-sharia religious ads?

Jailed Muslim Migrant Sexually Attacked 14 Women In Less than Six Months

I suppose it would have been too much to ask from dhimmi law enforcement authorities to deport this illegal migrant after the first rape -- considering he never should have been allowed into the country in the first place.

Portland killer ranted against Jews, Christians, and Muslims, media reported him as “Islamophobe”

"According to some preliminary witness statements, he was kind of spewing hate about a lot of different things," said Simpson. "So not specifically and exclusively anti-Muslim," but that didn't stop the enemedia from seizing on the bogus islamophobia angle of this story like a dog on a bone

Manchester terror attack: ‘TRAINEE PILOT’ arrested is Muslim migrant from Libya

A Muslim migrant jihadi from Libya with a pilot's license. What could possibly be wrong?

May 29, 1453: Jihad Carnage and the Fall of Christian Constantinople

[Both Turkish and Christian chroniclers provide graphic evidence of the wanton pillage and slaughter of non-combatants following the Ottoman jihad conquest of Constantinople in 1453. First from the Turkish sources

Aligned with Sarsour, NYC Mayor De Blasio’s SABOTAGES AFDI CUNY Protest

It's one thing to side with the enemy, it's quite another when you employ the full force of government to silence your enemies.

14th Muslim arrested in Manchester jihad bombing massacre

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers...” ―Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey.

Europeans have to carry on like lambs to the slaughter

Europe is affected by what the psychologist survivor of the Holocaust, Viktor Frankl, called the “existential void.” And a selfish, shallow, sterile and self-absorbed Europe is doomed.

Muslim father “honor rapes” daughter’s boyfriend

...the girl’s father was waiting with a gun. The 22 year old was tied up, had his clothes removed, doused in gasoline while being threatened to be burned to dead. The father also pointed the gun several times to the 22 year old’s head and pulled the trigger in a faked execution. The father also raped the young man several times.

Manchester jihadi’s imam filmed waging jihad in Libya despite claiming he was there to help his family

Mustafa Graf, 46, appeared alongside elders at Didsbury Mosque at a press conference on Wednesday, condemning the atrocity which killed 22 people and distancing themselves from Abedi.

Iran’s Hassan Rouhani Calls for War on Islamophobia — Not Terror

Iran's Hassan Rouhani has called on Muslim leaders around the world, post-Manchester terror bombing, to step up their fights against Islamophobia.

Egypt strikes jihad bases in Libya after 28 Coptic Christians killed in ambush

Egyptian fighter jets struck militant bases in eastern Libya late Friday in retaliation for an attack by masked gunmen on a caravan of Coptic Christians that left 28 people dead.

Donald Trump to Palestinian Authority’s Abbas: ‘You Tricked Me’

President Donald Trump reportedly yelled some angry words at Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, calling the PA leader deceitful for claiming to be a promoter of peace.

Palestinian Authority Shelled Out $1 Billion in 4 Years to Terrorists

The Palestinian Authority has paid out more than $1 billion to terrorists and their families over a four-year span -- a practice critics see as a government-sponsored OK for terrorism.

“Moderate” Indonesia: Police arrest more than 140 men at gay sauna party

Indonesian police have arrested more than 100 men in a weekend raid on a gay sauna in the capital Jakarta, a day before two men are to be publicly flogged for having same sex relations.

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