Tuesday, May 30, 2017


FAKE NEWS: Portland Killer NOT Islamophobe – Ranted Against ALL Religions Before Murders

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Americans No Longer Fooled By Mainstream Fake News Says Recent Poll

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McCain Continues to Spout Nonsense, Says Russia is More Dangerous Than…

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Heineken Joins Growing Globalist Movement With “Borderless” Advertisement 
Japan Ready to “Take Action” Against North Korea After Missile Test 
Twitter Feels The Wrath of Keyboard-Bound Social Justice Twerps 
ISIS Takes Over Southern Philippines, Unrest Grows 
North Korea Continues Contentious Missiles Tests, Aims For Japan 
President Trump Marks Memorial Day Honoring the Fallen at Arlington National Cemetery 
Lone Conservative Destroys NBC Panel on Russia-Trump Collusion 
Liberals only Pretend to be Tolerant says CNN’s Fareed Zakaria 
The Jared Kushner-Russia Controversy is NOTHING 
Obama Lackey James Clapper says “No Smoking Gun” in Trump-Russia Collusion 

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President Trump may pull the USA Out of the Paris Climate Agreement 
Conservative Radio Host says Fox News Stars aren’t being Targeted for Being Conservatives 
President Trump says it’s His “Job” to Keep Every American Safe 
Memorial Day: A Time to Remember America’s Fallen Heroes 
To the Great Big Liberal Yanking At my Thigh 
Texas A&M Let’s Racist Professor Keep his Job 
Some Thoughts of Memorial Day 
News You Can Use for May 29, 2017 
Arizona Just Stuck it To The Federal Reserve…BIG TIME 
Trump Global Warming Rollercoaster Far From Over 
New, Non-Nuclear Threat From North Korea Moves Into Position To Attack U.S. 
New Report: No, Comey wasn’t Fooled by the Russians but he used their Fake Report 
Secretary of Defense James Mattis Delivers Powerful Commencement Address at West Point Graduation 
Minnesota Republican Shares Jesus with her Colleagues, Liberals Freak 
Wearing Victory Well is an Art 

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