Thursday, March 9, 2017


Submitted by: Kathy Hawkins

We currently operate 7 women’s care clinics in Dallas, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Raleigh. In addition to the 7 clinics we own and operate, we also partner with 21 clinics throughout the country, sometimes right down the street from Planned Parenthood or other abortion clinics.
But unlike Planned Parenthood, we offer a life-affirming message of hope and compassion.
Women come to us frightened and confused.  Our clinics not only provide FREE pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and life-affirming counsel, but we also dismantle obstacles that prevent a pregnant woman from choosing life.  This may include providing parenting classes and job search assistance, or helping her procure financial assistance, housing and food aid, or drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This formula has enabled us to save over 5,807 babies in the last 5 years and we are trying to save 2000 more in 2017.

Unfortunately Human Coalition does not receive any government funding or Corporate Sponsorship, so we have to reach out to our Pro-Life and Church family! We are looking for individuals who want to rescue babies while making a real difference in the lives of hurting women and their families. Does that sound like you?

Human Coalition has a Continuum of Care in place to ensure that every woman has the tools she needs to not only choose life, but also become a great parent.

There are plenty of ways for you to support Human Coalition:
·    With just a dollar a day, or a $30 monthly recurring gift, you will help save the life of ONE BABY over the course of one year.
·    With a one-time donation of $100.00 you can help us reach 26 at-risk women with a message of hope
·    With a $265 one-time gift, you can help rescue one baby from abortion
Click on this link directly below to donate now!
Thank you for the priority you place on saving babies from abortion and for supporting Human Coalition.
God Bless,
Dwayne Campbell

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