Thursday, March 9, 2017


GOP’s “Obamacare Lite” Bill Causes Rift between Establishment, Moderates and Conservatives

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Conservative Women use Twitter to Respond to the Liberal #DayWithoutAWoman

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Son of Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick, Tim Kaine, Arrested for Rioting

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Poll Shows Hillary Getting OBLITERATED By Trump In Terms Of…
Trump Vindicated, AGAIN, On Phony Russian Hacking Story
Sanctuary City Claims Yet Another Needless Victim
Trump Names New Russian Ambassador Amidst Democratic Frenzy
Liberal Actress Announces That She’d Like to FIGHT Dr. Ben Carson
Trump Confident of Health Care Plan Passing, Says Conway
Superstar Black Comedian Stuns Town Meeting with His View of Police
PETA Continues Reign Of Terror, Saves Less Than 1% of Animals Taken In
Samsung Feels The Trump Effect, Shifting Focus to America
Racist College Admins Fighting Against White Students “Appropriating” Style

Woman Pleads Guilty to Slashing Own Face in FAKE “Hate Crime”
Job Growth EXPLODED in Trump’s First Full Month in Office
Awesome. President Bush tells Mainstream Media You Used to “Matter More”
At Least 30 Dead in Muslim Terrorist Attack on Hospital
Sales of Ivanka Trump Clothing see Record Sales
North Korea Will Be President Trump’s First International Crisis
Democrats say You May Have Built It But You Don’t Own It
After 8 Lost Years, Democrats Discover the Constitution!
CNN Cuts Feed when Congressman says Refugees Account for 30% of Terrorism Investigations!
Breaking! WikiLeaks Exposes Massive CIA Hacking Scheme – Leak Worse than Snowden!
The Trans-Species Child
Give these Kids 4 Minutes of Your Time and Help them in their Mission to Fight Cancer!
If Obama would Use the IRS Against us, Wiretapping isn’t Far-fetched
Are they Serious? Another Ridiculous Attack on Trump
Barbara Streisand Blames Donald Trump for her Weight Gain

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