Thursday, March 9, 2017


Last Minute Obama Order Evidence of Undermining Trump?

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Another Trump Win? Illegal Immigration Way DOWN under President Trump

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Rand Paul says the Establishment is Trying to “Pull the Wool” Over the President’s Eyes on Obamacare-Lite Bill

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Public School Teacher in Trouble for saying Illegals should be Deported so Schools can Serve American Students Better
TBS Late Night Host Mocks Young Conservative with Brain Cancer
Liberal CNN Pundit Admits Trump is “Driving Liberals Crazy”
Hungarian Leader Praises President Trump says His Foreign Policy is “Good for the Whole World”
This Company Beat CNN, Helped Trump Win, and Now the Media is Freaking Out about their Next Venture
Avoid the Traps
Shocking Study Reveals “Day Without a Woman” Funded by George Soros
Trump’s President So The New York Times Cares About Truth Now
GOP Letter to America: You can Trust us on Obamacare, we’re Career Politicians.
News You Can Use for March 9, 2017

Obama’s Disregard for America’s Future

Republicans are about to take a Tremendous Risk that could Strip them of their Power
ISIS Fight in Syria Gets Heavy Dose of U.S. Marines
Poll Shows Hillary Getting OBLITERATED By Trump…
Trump Vindicated, AGAIN, On Phony Russian Hacking Story
Sanctuary City Claims Yet Another Needless Victim
Trump Names New Russian Ambassador Amidst Democratic Frenzy
Liberal Actress Announces That She’d Like to FIGHT Dr. Ben Carson
Trump Confident of Health Care Plan Passing, Says Conway
Superstar Black Comedian Stuns Town Meeting with His View of Police
PETA Continues Reign Of Terror, Saves Less Than 1% of Animals Taken In
Samsung Feels The Trump Effect, Shifting Focus to America
Racist College Admins Fighting Against White Students “Appropriating” Style
Woman Pleads Guilty to Slashing Own Face in FAKE “Hate Crime”
Job Growth EXPLODED in Trump’s First Full Month in Office

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