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Subject: Wikileaks Assange Press Conference Today

March 9th, 2017

By Dave Bertrand (Twitter) @bertranddave1

The "Police State" is feeling the pain of an informed population, but where will it all go? Will the CIA double-down and re-modify their intelligence strategies against the American people, or will they stand-down in fear of a Trump Executive Order to shut-them-down completely?

Because you are well, me and the dog next door know the answer. If they don't get their way, they can easily create a "false flag" event to divert (our) attention, or use their (car computer hacking) technology to blow things-up while blaming it on defective mechanical Breitbart's Michael Hasting's 2013 car explosion when he was about to reveal This CIA intel to Wikileaks.

Therefore....who (finally) leaked the intel to Wikileaks?  

By Trump calling-them-out with claims that his offices were wiretapped before the election, has everyone at the CIA and FBI scrambling like rats that just saw the rat trap, while at the same time conducting their own investigation(s) to find the internal leaker, as if their investigation has now become a noble act for America's National Security. Kind of ironic considering Assange has been sitting on the CIA data for quite some time and if the CIA needs to interrogate anybody....well, he's dead.

Trump is very smart and plays his cards like a true casino poker player / business man he is. Fakestream Media made fools of themselves, following the Saturday morning Trump Tweet, accusing Trump of being "delusional, conspiratory and paranoid"....obviously, the typical marching orders from the CIA to mainstream media producers and anchors to play coy.

Today was all about semantics by Dems in their attempt to keep Obama out-of-the-spotlight as a former president with any knowledge of this super--"Watergate" scandal, a far more worse situation when Nixon was held responsible. "Wiretapping" versus "Surveillance" is the mantra by the FakeStream Media and the Dems, and.... "there was no wiretapping of Trump's phones."

Unable to face-up to the reality of the disclosed (2nd) FISA request approving surveillance of all Trump Tower servers, the Dems continue to say it had "nothing to do with Trump."

Give me a break !

Clapper the liar on the Sunday morning news circuit stated there was "no FISA request, and no wiretapping of Candidate Trump," but added....."there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia."

How would Clapper know that if there was "no surveillance?"

It took months for Nixon's "Watergate" scandal to take hold and force Nixon out-of-office, but today there are no "Woodruff'" types to take the lead in a REAL journalistic investigation, since Woodruff is now a devout follower of Hillary Clinton, but we do have a president that has got to take action against the "Deep State / Shadow Government," and we do have Jerome Corsi  (InfoWars) actively on a mission to disclose TrumpGate.

The latest release of "Vault 7" documents by Wikileaks and President Trump's knowledge of his offices being "wiretapped" by the October 16th "FISA approved" surveillance of Trump's servers, comes at a time when the "Deep State" operations by the CIA and the FBI, with collusion by Hillary Clinton's cronies (with Obama's approval or knowledge) is what's at stake.

THEY would like to assassinate him if they could get away with it.....something WE are all watching and praying doesn't happen.

In the meanwhile, the world governments have a trove of sensitive intelligence on methods and types of software used by the CIA. The time has come for Trump to shutdown the CIA, or at least begin removing Obama subversive operatives in the intelligence community.


Assange Suggests Rogue CIA Now Targeting Americans

CIA creates its own version of the NSA without permission

| - March 9, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a live-steaming Internet press conference this morning, Julian Assange announced there are some 22,000 IP addresses in the Wikileaks database that are in the United States, triggering Wikileaks suspicion that the CIA has continued to go rogue, violating its charter not to investigate U.S. citizens.

Assange also revealed the CIA “lost control of its entire cyber-weapons arsenal” by storing this arsenal in an unsecured archive unexplainably “in a historic act of incompetence,” such that the CIA cyber-weapons arsenal was circulated by U.S. intelligence officers, CIA contractors and in the international black market.

“The CIA developed the largest arsenal of Trojan and viruses in the world that attacks most of the systems that journalists, people in government, politicians, CEOs, and average people use,” he explained. “The CIA appears not to have secured this, lost control of it, and then covered it up that fact.”

“The CIA became aware in the last couple of months that Wikileaks had that material and has not disclosed that to the public, or warned the public that this loose cyber-war arsenal is out there.”

Assange raised the question whether Barack Obama concealed this information during or after the election, asking whether the CIA has informed President Trump.

He also explained the first document dump from the Wikileaks “Vault 7” on the CIA occurred on Tuesday because the documents had been loaded and were ready for release on Tuesday, and Tuesday was not a weekend.

The WikiLeaks founder denied the Tuesday release was targeted to coincide with or influence any other story currently in the news cycle in the United States or worldwide.

And he also disclosed the Wikileaks servers have been under cyber-attack since Tuesday, acknowledging that even the live-streaming internet press conference was under cyber-attack as it was being broadcast.

Assange did not give specific dates for the release of additional CIA documents in the “Vault 7” release, but Assange has suggested in various Tweets that less than 1 percent of all the “Vault 7” documents were released Tuesday.

The CIA documents released so far prove the CIA has secretly developed within the agency a hacking and electronic surveillance capability that rivals the NSA, implemented apparently without public disclosure or Congressional authorization.
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