Thursday, December 15, 2016


Recount Uncovers Suspicious Thing Dems Never Expected, Investigation Triggered
Posted by Fred Maxwell
"... this should not have happened.” Read more…

Just In: Trump Stuns Both Sides With Latest Appointment - 'Whatever It Takes To Win'
Posted by Jack Davis
"... he has incredible leadership skills ..." Read more…

Major Repub Reveals New Twist In Russian Hack Scandal With This HUGE Admission
Posted by Fred Maxwell
"...we're going to hit you and hit you hard." Read more…
Just In: Big-Name Conservative Radio Host To Join Trump Administration - Shock Report
Posted by Krystle Vermes
"It would be an honor to serve in the new administration." Read more…

WATCH: Neil Cavuto Ruthlessly Exposes Rogue Presidential Elector For Who She Really Is On-Air
Posted by Randy DeSoto
"The Russians did not make Hillary Clinton lose. She lost!" Read more…
Watch: Hillary's Friend Just Revealed How She's Doing Post-Election With 1 Word That Says It All
Posted by Alicia Powe
"... this is really a tough time for a wonderful human being.” Read more…
Chris Matthews Loses It That Trump Might ‘Desecrate’ Jerusalem By Moving U.S. Embassy There
Posted by Justin Koski
Video Transcript: Chris Matthews thinks moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem would anger Muslims and... Read more…
Israeli Start-Up Introduces Low-Cost Revolutionary Solution To The World’s Water Shortages
Posted by Yochanan Visser
Three-quarters of our planet is covered by water but only one percent of that is... Read more…

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