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CHUCK KOLB 12/15/2016

No Peace on Middle East Earth !!!
Can't fake the truth on this one ...
No God - No Peace
Know God - Know Peace ...
Maranatha !

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Yavoh ~ He is coming !
Yahweh - Yeshua -  Ruach Ha-Kodesh
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה  
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Mexico-to-San Diego cartel tunnel found
by John Bacon - USA TODAY

This image taken from a Monday video provided by the Mexican Attorney General’s Office shows one of two tunnels found in Tijuana that lead into California. A sophisticated tunnel linked to a major drug cartel has been discovered between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, authorities in Mexico say. The tunnel extends from a location near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego to Tijuana’s Garita de Otay neighborhood, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office said in a statement. Photos show rail tracks running through a lit tunnel framed in wooden posts. A second, unfinished tunnel also was found. “Presumably, one of these tunnels was being used by a criminal organization operating in the state of Sinaloa for smuggling drugs into the United States,” according to the statement. The U.S. Consulate, the statement said, provided “reliable information” that a cartel was reactivating the tunnels. [...]

Kremlin: Report of Putin meddling in U.S. election is 'nonsense'
w vid/pix by Doug Stanglin - USATODAY

The Kremlin on Thursday dismissed as "nonsense" a report by NBC News that Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved in trying to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. "I was astonished when I saw it," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said of the news report, according to Russia's TASS news agency. "I think, this is nothing but nonsense, there is not a chance that anybody could believe that." [...]

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Yahoo breach puts 1 billion at risk
Nation under ‘major siege’ from cybercriminals
w vid by Elizabeth Weise - USA TODAY

SAN FRANCISCO - Yahoo disclosed on Wednesday that a breach in August 2013 may have resulted in the theft of data associated with more than 1 billion user accounts. The latest breach is separate from a 500 million-account breach the company disclosed in September. At the time, the 500 million-account breach, which took place in 2014, was the largest on record. Yahoo shares fell 2.5% after hours. The new revelation comes as cybercrime issues loom larger than ever: The CIA accused Russia of attempting to tamper with the U.S. election via hacked emails, ransomware hit the transit system in San Francisco and a monster botnet of hijacked devices took down much of the East Coast’s Internet traffic for a day in October. “We truly are under major siege, and we’re unprepared for it. It really is a national emergency,” said Avivah Litan, vice president at Gartner Research. “We need a national response plan for this.” [...]

2016 turns into year of ransomware
FBI estimates say it’s on pace to be a nearly $1 billion crime by the end of the year
w vid by Elizabeth Weise - USA TODAY

SAN FRANCISCO - Cybersecurity experts are calling 2016 the Year of Ransomware, something Saundra Martinez can unfortunately attest to. “We were getting ready for a trip, so I was busy. I was expecting a package so I thought nothing of opening an email that said there was a situation with the delivery,” she said. “Normally I’m a very careful person and I check the return address, but this time I didn’t.” That one wrong click added her to the ranks of thousands of Americans hit with ransomware this year. An IBM study published Wednesday found that nearly 40% of all spam sent in 2016 contained ransomware attachments. In September, a particularly bad month, a full 62% of spam contained the malicious software designed to block access to files or a computer system until a ransom was paid. These ransom demands aren’t small. FBI estimates put ransom-ware on pace to be a nearly $1 billion crime by the end of the year. [...]

And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God. And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb,
and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the
Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David: And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever;
and of his kingdom there shall be no end.

Luke 1:30-33 KJV

No Peace on Middle East Earth !!!

Aleppo sinks into humanitarian crisis but not ‘genocide’
w vid/pix by Jim Michaels - USA TODAY

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Aleppo as the rebel-held Syrian city falls to government forces accused of executing civilians,
including women and children. Syria’s civil war has lasted nearly six years, led to the deaths of about 500,000 people and sent
millions fleeing the country.

Q: Is the tragedy unfolding in Aleppo “genocide”?
A: Not in the strict meaning of the term, which is defined as an attempt to wipe out an entire group of people based on religion, national identity, ethnicity or race. There are some religious overtones to Syria’s civil war — President Bashar Assad and some of his closest advisers are from the minority Alawite sect, a Shiite offshoot — but his regime is waging war against political opponents, not a particular ethnic or religious group. Many of Assad’s supporters, including a large part of his military, are Sunnis. [...]

How will nightmare end in Aleppo, Syria?

What people are saying about the takeover of Aleppo by Syrian government forces.
Raed Al Saleh, The Guardian:
“For the past four years, we the Syria civil defense (or White Helmets), have saved thousands of lives in Aleppo. In the last few days we can no longer even count the dead. ... About 100,000 civilians are trapped in besieged eastern Aleppo. People were shot on sight, and hundreds of children were trapped in the crossfire. ... I have traveled to dozens of parliaments and spoken about every type of death facing Syrians. But often people want to know about what it feels to save a life. I ask the friends of Syria to have that experience today — by doing everything possible in their power to evacuate these 100,000 souls. The White Helmets in Aleppo have given everything. Now we need the international community to do the same.” [...]

Syria’s “White Helmets”: Fiction and Reality
by Ahmad Salah

A young man, wearing a white helmet and a distinctive yellow-and-blue badge on his arm, digs for four hours in the rubble of a destroyed building in Idlib Province in northwest Syria. Finally, he sees what he’s looking for: an infant. He takes her to an ambulance like she is his own child. This is how the Western media portray the volunteers of Syria Civil Defense, also known as the White Helmets. But what does the reality look like It’s not a secret that since the Syrian crisis began in 2011, dozens of NGOs have been set up. As a rule, these organizations have a pretty title and stand for the rights and freedoms of the Syrians while providing some humanitarian aid. In 2012, these organizations list had Syrian Civil Defense included. It was founded by a former British intelligence officer and private security specialist James Le Mesurier who took part in various conflicts around the world including Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. In a few years, Syrian Civil Defense turned from an NGO into a structure with its own uniform, symbols and even vehicles. It has 119 centers across whole Syria: in Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, Homs, Hama, Damascus. 2016 even saw an attempt to nominate the White Helmets for Nobel peace prize. However, only few remember that its volunteers appeared exactly in the areas captured by the opposition and refused to let there the representatives of Red Crescent and Red Cross. [...]

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MILES Long "Alien Ship" Spotted By Hubble Telescope? 12/14/16 (14:19) set to HD
Published on Dec 14, 2016 - secureteam10

Published on Dec 14, 2016 - Nibiru Planet X 2016

Starburst Galaxy Surprises Astronomers | Space News (6:05) set to HD
Published on Dec 14, 2016 - ThunderboltsProject
According to a recent press release, galaxy NGC 1222 is a “peculiar example” of lenticular galaxy. [...]

Published on Dec 13, 2016 -  BPEarthWatch - http://www.BPEarthWatch.Com

Urgent/Mt.St.Helens Watch/Quakes/Possible Land Slide (5:11) set to HD
Published on Dec 13, 2016 - BPEarthWatch 

Mount St. Helens Shook by Swarm of Earthquakes, Magma On the Move (5:36) set to HD
Published on Dec 14, 2016 -  DAHBOO77 -

Mysterious (GLE) "Ground Level Event" at South Pole: Data Missing, Source Unknown (4:14) set to HD
Published on Dec 14, 2016 -  DAHBOO77

DEC 14:- Pls Share; PLANET INVASION DEC 2016; URGENT MESSAGE for all ! (15:36)
Published on Dec 14, 2016 - Nasa, Space and Astronomy VLOG

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