Thursday, December 15, 2016

MUTH'S TRUTHS 12/15/2016

First, Happy Bill of Rights Day!  Secondly…

I have some very disappointing news for everybody this morning: Donald Trump can’t make America great again. 

All he can do is change some stupid government policies that will better enable AMERICANS to make America great again. 

As always, it’s up to you and me…and people like Mark Berry of Blind Dog Coffee in Gardnerville, Nevada – whose story our friend and reader Dave Thomas brought to my attention.  But here, let Mark tell his story in his own words…

“I followed my passion in life and in work. Living in the high Sierra in the summer times and on the low desert in the wintertime. Life was going great.

“Then in my forty-eight year, life's winds of change showed up again. My remaining vision was fading. By the fall of my forty-ninth year I was legally blind. No longer could I earn a living as I had done for the past thirty years. No longer was life so great.

“Then a good friend reminded me of the advancements in radiation that had given me the chance to live, the chance to see. 46 years to see the world, the stars, my children grow, my wife smile. I realized how blessed I had been. The gift I had been given, now needs to be shared - it needs to be paid back.

“With life's new wind, a passion - and Blind Dog Coffee - was born.

“With every bean, pound and bag of Blind Dog Coffee that is sold a portion will be given to help fight childhood cancers. Not only to the patient but also to the families in need while they fight their fight I fought so long ago.

“Blind Dog Coffee is superior specialty coffee. It not only leaves a great taste in your mouth but also a great feel in your heart. Just think, with every cup of Blind Dog Coffee you drink, you will be giving a child the chance to fight, the chance to dream, the chance to live.”

Mark adds…

“Early last winter we decided that it was time for Blind Dog Coffee to take a step further in becoming the preferred Northern Nevada coffee roaster for Nevadans (and whoever else wishes to join us) by becoming USDA certified organic.  So you are probably thinking, 'what's this going to cost?'I answer, 'not a penny extra will be passed on to our customers.' Blind Dog Coffee is committed to being the highest quality organic coffee for one of the best prices.”

Middle-aged.  Blind.  Knew nothing about roasting coffee.  Can’t see the beans.  Yet he created a new gourmet coffee company anyway, despite people telling him it couldn’t be done.  That’s the American spirit.  That’s how you reach the American dream.

Yet some - especially the Los Angeles Times - would have us believe the dream is dead. 

It’s not dead.  It’s just been sleeping during the last eight years of Barack Obama’s nanny-state, socialist presidency.  My guess is the Trump presidency is about to awaken that sleeping giant (yeah, I stole that line from “Tora, Tora, Tora”).

I don’t know if Mr. Berry’s gourmet coffee is good.  But I do know I’m going to give it a try.  Just ordered 5 bags: Holiday Blend, Nevada Black, Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Crater Lake.  I want to support him AND the American entrepreneurial spirit.  And as a bonus, contribute to his cause in supporting children with cancer. 

A win-win-win for everybody.

Why not join me and help President Trump help us make America great again?


Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
Professor of Psephology (homeschooled)
Nevada’s #1 Irritator of Liberals and RINOs

P.S.  Everyone knows that kids with autism are “handicapped,” right?  So of course, if you’re autistic you can’t possibly reach your dreams, right?

At a business conference I attended last week, we heard from retired high school basketball coach Jim Johnson.  He told the absolutely amazing story of Jason McElwain.  If you already know the story, you’ll thoroughly enjoy watching the 5-minute video again.  If not…boy, are you in for a treat!




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* * * Someone stole a car and abandoned it across the street from our house.  So I called Metro’s non-emergency number to report it.  After being on hold for more than 15 minutes listening to a recorded message – in both English and Spanish – that they were “experiencing high caller volume," I finally just hung up. 

Something ain’t right about this.  At the very least you’d think Metro would have a way to report such non-emergency things online on their website in this day and age.

* * * Today’s Las Vegas Sun includes its own version of “fake news” in the form of a glaringly misleading headline.  It reads…

“If (the Yucca Mountain nuclear) repository is opened, waste-carrying trains WOULD (my emphasis) roll within a half mile of the Strip.”

But here’s the truth, buried in the article…

“A POSSIBLE (my emphasis) train route to haul radioactive waste from nuclear power plants across the country to the remote Nevada site COULD (my emphasis) come within a half-mile of the Las Vegas Strip.”

And some people wonder why trust in the mainstream media is in the toilet?


“The Republican Party has a lifelong track record of starting a negotiation where they’d like to end up, then preemptively negotiating with themselves backwards from that position - and winding up with terrible deal after terrible deal. . . . Trump shoots for the moon.  Aim highest - begrudgingly negotiate lower.  Congressional Republicans aim pathetically low - and immediately start negotiating even lower.” – Seton Motley,

“What we should have done is shown him to be a decrepit old guy, put him in a freaking cage, in a cell, and put him on trial. Make it a big messy trial, make it global." - Michael Flynn, President-elect Donald Trump's national security adviser, who has said the U.S. should not have killed Osama bin Laden (Hat tip: Morning Score)

“If you want to be angry about Donald Trump's picks, blame Hillary for losing the election.  FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to the Congress about finding thousands of State Department-related emails on the laptop belonging to the husband of one of Hillary Clinton's top aides, Huma Abedin.  No one has ever explained how Huma's emails ended up on Anthony Weiner's laptop, but here's what we DO know: if Hillary Clinton had never evaded State Department rules and protocols and set up her private email system, those emails wouldn't have ended up on Weiner's laptop and Comey would have had nothing to investigate.” – Rich Galen of

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