Thursday, December 15, 2016


Whoopi Compares Right to Celebrate Christmas with Right to Murder Unborn (Video)
President Obama and Bernie Sanders Destroy the Media’s Russia Conspiracy
Media Globalists Are Outnumbered by Populists [VIDEO]
NPR Fake News: Podesta Spirit Cooking Is Fake News
Conservative Students Oppose UNLV Becoming Sanctuary Campus
College Wages Race War Against Small Bakery Over Arresting Black for Shoplifting
Blaming Donald Trump For Everything Is The New Media Pastime
School Violates 1st Amendment Rights of Right to Life Club

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Trump Wins Presidential Election…Again!
French Report Points to the Desired End of Muslim Migration
Is Mitch McConnell Growing a Backbone?
Senate Committee says Planned Parenthood should be Criminally Prosecuted
School Disciplines Student for Recording Liberal Professor Calling Trump Win an “Act of Terrorism”
Iowa Braces for Epic Battle to Replace Outgoing Governor
A (Very Funny) Guide to the Differences between Christmas and Hanukkah
Liberal New York City Offering Public Employees Therapy to Deal with Trump Win
Rich Guys Bill Gates and Richard Branson Offer Support for Donald Trump!
Are Millennials “Going to Hell in a Hand basket”?
Facebook – the Democrat’s Favorite Lapdog
Today, December 15, 1791: Bill of Rights Ratified
News You Can Use for December 15, 2016
Trump’s Pick of Tillerson for Secretary of State Gives Anti-Business Left a Panty Twist
Another Democrat Leader is On His Way to Prison for Corruption!
Democrats Leak CIA’s “Russia Connection,” but FBI says ‘Not so Fast’
Election Fraud in Detroit Makes the News

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