Thursday, December 15, 2016


Report: Abortion Industry Unsafe for Women (Not to Mention Babies)

Earlier this week, Americans United for Life released a report that details the dangers facing women who end the lives of their unborn children.
Joe Carter provides some background over at The Gospel Coalition:

"This summer the Supreme Court issued one of the most significant rulings on abortion in decades. In a 5-3 decision the Court ruled in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt to overturn state laws designed to regulate abortion clinics in a way that would protect women’s health.
"After the Kermit Gosnell scandal created an awareness of the unsafe, unsanitary, and largely unregulated conditions in abortion clinics in America, the state of Texas passed House Bill 2. According to Alliance Defending Freedom, HB2—which became law in 2013—mandated that abortion facilities adhere to ambulatory surgical center requirements common to most outpatient facilities, and required abortionists to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the abortion facility to be able to handle emergencies when something went wrong.
"Despite these reasonable restrictions, the Court’s liberal majority (Justices Breyer, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan) claimed the regulations imposed an 'undue burden' on women seeking abortions. The ruling did indicate, though, that health and safety standards designed to protect women from abortion industry abuses would be constitutional if there were better evidence of the need for such regulations."
In response to that ruling, AUL released the report "documenting that 227 abortion providers in 32 states have been cited for more than 1,400 health and safety deficiencies between 2008 and 2016."
The Federalist points out some of the more damning violations:
"Among the most common violations found in America’s abortion clinics are failing to ensure a safe and sanitary environment, failing to document and protect patient records, failing to properly train staff, allowing unqualified staff to provide care to patients, using expired medications and medical supplies, failing to purchase and maintain required equipment, failing to adopt and follow health and safety protocols, failing to properly handle medications, failing to comply with physical facility standards, and failing to monitor patient vital signs. More than 750 major violations of these common-sense health and safety standards were found over just the past eight years.
"Shockingly, at least 65 of the abortion providers examined were chronic offenders who had been cited multiple times for the same violations in subsequent years. Further, at least 13 abortion providers either failed to report suspected sexual abuse of a minor or failed to implement practices to protect minors from ongoing sexual abuse. At least 30 abortion providers failed to provide or post all required informed consent information, and more than two dozen abortion clinics failed to comply with abortion reporting requirements. While these numbers are appalling, it is important to note that this is simply the tip of the iceberg, as in some states it is difficult or impossible to obtain information regarding abortion clinics and individual providers."
You can read the 235-page report here, if you wish. You can also read a shorter, five-page summary version here.
While we do not condone abortion in any way, it is important to make sure evil is not heaped upon evil; we must fight to protect both mother and child, and that includes making health and safety top priorities. As ADF Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden said after the Supreme Court's decision against such safety laws in Texas this summer:
"Abortionists shouldn’t be given a free pass to elude medical requirements that everyone else is required to follow. [...] The law’s requirements were commonsense protections that ensured the maximum amount of protection for women, who deserve to have their well-being treated by government as a higher priority than the bottom line of abortionists. Any abortion facilities that don’t meet basic health and safety standards are not facilities that anyone should want to remain open."
We couldn't agree more.

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