Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Alert: Federal Judge Issues Electoral College Ruling Just Days Before Vote
Posted by Charles Campbell
"It would undermine ..." Read more…

Jeb Bush Breaks His Silence On 'Russian Hacking'... Not Even He Can Deny This
Posted by Jack Davis
"The American people made up their minds ..." Read more…

Breaking: Trump Selects Former 2016 Presidential Candidate For Key Cabinet Position
Posted by Randy DeSoto
"There is no doubt ..." Read more…
Secret Service Makes Sinister Find At Trump Tower, Immediately Takes Action
Posted by Charles Campbell
... he has visited Trump Tower nearly a dozen times and never had a problem ... Read more…

Watch: Fiorina Emerges From Trump Tower, Reveals What's Really Going On With His Cabinet
Posted by Andrew Kerr
She's reportedly a candidate for director of national intelligence. Read more…
Watch: Obama Admin Takes Russian Hacking Claim Against Trump A BIG Step Further
Posted by Charles Campbell
“You did not need a security clearance to figure out ..." Read more…

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