Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Lt. Col. Allen West Destroys Obama’s VA Administration, Meets with Trump for 2nd Time
The CIA Coup Attempt is Unfolding before Our Eyes [VIDEO]
Illegal Immigration is Burdening Our Welfare System—And That May Be the Point
While Democrats Focus on “Fake News” and Russia, Joe Biden Gets Real — Says Democrats Don’t Respect Working Class Americans
Priest Decides Against Nativity Scene For Muslim and Atheist Sake
University to Require Black Studies Courses in Every Major
Over the Weekend the GOP Picked Up One More Senate Seat and One More House Seat!
An Open Letter to President-elect Trump: Please Bring Back Incandescent Light Bulbs
Indiana Town Stands Against ACLU Lawsuit
Fake Newscaster, Glenn Thrush, Hired by New York Times [VIDEO]
Ivy League School Replaces Shakespeare in the Name of Diversity
Iceland Interior Minister Reveals Obama Administration Plot to Frame Julian Assange!
Fake News: CNN Describes Trump Victory as a “National Emergency”
Media Hacks Don’t Do Research, Retweet Fake Rex Tillerson Tweets
Trump calls Russia Complaints “Ridiculous,” “Every Week is Another Excuse”
It’s Drugs, NOT Guns, Killing Americans
Stop Blaming the Russians, It was Hillary’s Fault!
Hillary Blames Everything on Russia
Today, December 13, 1636: Formation of First National Guard
News You Can Use for December 13, 2016
Liberal Media Invented ‘Fake News’ LONG Before Conservative Media Was Born
Likely Next Prime Minister of the Netherlands Convicted of “Hate Speech” – the Reason Why is Shocking!
Liberal Lawyer who accused British soldiers of ‘War Crimes’ to be disbarred
“Obama Era of Weakening Our National Defenses is Over” VP-elect Mike Pence
Maria Bartiromo Says Elites Are Clueless [VIDEO]

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