Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Demand Congress Act to Stop a Christian from Being Killed Every 30 Minutes 

You Need to see the letter below. Why? Because now that Trump is President, the time is urgent to have Paul Ryan and Congress get the Save the Christians from Genocide Act out of committee. You can be a big help in signing this …. And sending this letter to your friends. See my letter below….
Tim Donnelly

From the desk of Tim Donnelly
Dear Patriot,
As you read this letter, a Christian is being killed.
In fact, every 30 minutes a Christian is being killed in the Middle East…because they are a believer in Jesus Christ.
You see, Christians are targeted for death, facing martyrdom and genocide.
And they have nowhere to go.
If they go to one of the many Muslim-run refugee camps, they’re persecuted. Women are raped. Children are sold into slavery. Men are killed.
They are forced to renounce their faith or face unspeakable consequences.
And they have nowhere to go.
They only place they can go is the United States.
That’s why Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) crafted together a good bill to fast-track Christians into emergency refugee status, because they are targets for genocide … with nowhere else to go.
With careful vetting and very tight security, only those who have been proven to be Christian will be allowed into the United States under the fast-track program.
The State Department does not want this. The Obama Administration does not want this. The United Nations does not want this. They are all discriminating against Christians.
That’s why we need your help. That’s why we are starting a petition to push Congress to pass Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s bill HR 4017. Right now the bill is stalled, buried in committee.
Will you help these Christians? Please sign our petition today.
Please print out copies to give to others.
Thank you so much for your help in saving these Christians from this historic genocide.
And, consider forwarding this urgent letter to your friends.
Tim Donnally
Tim Donnelly
Former CA State Assemblyman

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