Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Submitted by: Kathy Hawkins

BOMBSHELL – Journalist Confirms Media Created THIS Fake News Story to HELP Hillary
The Democrats claim that they lost the election as a result of “fake news.” They accuse websites of putting out fake stories about Hillary Clinton and misinforming the voters. However, it seems that the people pushing the term “fake news” are actual the most guilty of creating it.

One of the largest fake news stories is from back in October when liberal media outlets like MSNBC claimed that the Podesta email leaks from Wikileaks were doctored or fabricated and should be ignored. Breitbart reports that Joy-Ann Reid and Malcolm Nance ran this fake news story just to help Hillary Clinton.
Now we know that news story was an outright lie. It was especially egregious considering we were in the process of picking a new president at the time and the emails directly pertained to Clinton’s qualifications for the position. Now these media companies, who are the biggest creators of fake news, want to pretend that they deserve to be arbiters of the truth.
A more recent example of this hypocrisy has arisen at the Washington Post. They have created some fake news that there is some anonymous group that has a blacklist of Pro-Russian media outlets. 
Fake news is merely a smear word that the liberal media is pushing so that they can censor media outlets that compete with them, especially conservative sources. They plan to place the label of fake news on anything that they do not like so that they can prop up their left leaning politicians.
It makes perfect sense that the left would want to control information. The Left bases their entire philosophy on the idea that you cannot make decisions for yourself, so you need a big government to come into your life and make decisions for you. Now the left needs companies like Facebook, The New York Times and the Washington Post to tell simple minded Democrats what to read. 
They are doing this as a response to Donald Trump crushing Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Donald Trump was able to win many counties that voted for Barack Obama because he had a message the resonated with all Americans of creating jobs and making our country safe. Hillary, on the other hand, ran a smear campaign that just used dark money to tell people what was wrong with Trump without putting out any real policies of her own. 
Naturally, the media had to give Clinton supporters a scapegoat to rationalize their loss. They wanted to blame the FBI director first. Then they looked to the recount effort and claimed that the Russians hacked the election. Now they are arguing fake news convinced people to vote against Clinton. There just has to be some reason Hillary Clinton lost, other than herself. 
It is time for conservatives to stand up and reject the idea of “fake news.” This country already has a filter for the media: the mind of the American Citizen. Conservatives believe that Americans are smart enough to decide for themselves whether a particular news story is good or bad.
I know that is a radical idea these days, but we believe Americans are smart adults who can make decisions for themselves.
Maybe it is time for a boycott of the companies who are peddling the idea of fake news. These liberal media outlets should take a look in the mirror and realize they are the biggest factories for false news stories and have no business telling the American people what is real news and what is not.

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