Tuesday, December 13, 2016


“Barack Obama is now saying that his administration was so incompetent, that they stood around sucking their thumb, while the Russians snuck in and hacked an American election because of the utter... [Read more]

There can be a very upbeat message that his administration is going to organize… Microsoft founder Bill Gates said during a CNBC interview that he is optimistic for Donald Trump’s presidency. Gates told “Squawk Box”... [Read more]

In what Rush Limbaugh projects could be the president-elect’s “first big mistake,” Donald Trump has been openly critical of sources within the CIA who are suggesting that Russian agents... [Read more]

The former Trump campaign manager and now senior adviser had hinted before that she might not work with the incoming administration and confirmed for the first time ... [Read more]

In a truly BRUTAL attack, Roseanne Barr unleashed a torrent of expletive-laced vitriol on Hillary Clinton supporters who went after her for not backing the former Democrat presidential candidate.... [Read more]

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