Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Submitted by: David Bertrand

Spiritual Intervention ON Hillary...she's done

The list below are MOSTLY Democrat / Socialist / Communists

MOST are certainly NOT Christians....but we hope many see the light and leave the darkness that possesses their souls.

God or the Spiritual Power over humanity, or both....has ironically merged the enemy with (my) extensive email contact list for some reason.

Maybe THEY are reaching-out for hope, or THEY think we must submit to the likes of a Hillary presidency in fast decline.

God Bless America and maybe God has rewarded us on 9/11 this past weekend.

Spiritual intervention on Hillary was a request I made on August 12th....please read below 
"Hillary is being cursed by God almighty for her satanic beliefs"

Our Tom Lawson provides us with the core problem we are facing as humans and souls of goodness. (see below)

I will add a brief overview of how dangerous our world has become. It's been a little over 2,000 years when the world was in about the same shape it is now, and from the heavens, a messenger/messiah was sent to teach the people about good versus evil.

The demon spirits have once again shown their faces by way of potential human leaders by creating opportunities that feed the ego and pockets of those that hate (us) humans that attack their actions and suppress their agendas. These evil possessed people will murder, rob and steal your land, liberties, and freedoms while attempting to disarm good Americans in-order to fulfill their goals for Satan.

Who is Satan? The bible has it's version and can be interpreted as an evil and powerful force than can manifest at will and in any shape or form. Be it an extraterrestrial species, referred to as "Falln' Angels" or in more practical terms, those that give their life and soul to the dark side.

Regardless if you believe that beings from other galaxies are interfering with humanity through a select group of globalist elites, the point is very simple.....THE GLOBALISTS BELIEVE and THEY want you and me destroyed.

How we counter THEM is a struggle, but belief in ourselves as good humans and spiritually on-track, can defeat them.

Hillary Clinton is THEIR emissary and WE have exposed her evilness at every turn. The spiritual battle is underway and requires resistance at every level until she is defeated...however, she is NOT the last, but of many that will continue the battle. If WE lose...we could easily lose our spiritual soul and could easily end-up stuck in the "earth plane" of existence in the hereafter. WE must keep our hearts and mind focused on defeating these non-human identities that want to take-over the world under a one world religion, a one world order.

Therefore.....spiritual volunteers are needed to sacrifice a little bit of time in the after life, by hanging around in the "earth plane' for a short period of time.

If you are about to be rewarded with a new life in the after life, and when you cross-over.....you will immediately know what your options are. AND...if you have the opportunity to place your soul and spirit in the midst of certain political leaders that intend to do this world harm, like marching us into WWIII with thermonuclear war, then by all means....do what you have to do and eliminate the threat !

Our collective consciousness across this country to shut these evil types down is a 50/50 battle, because Satan is fighting like hell.

If WE lose.....WE will have to answer accordingly on the other side, while our grandchildren will be asking why didn't grandpa or grandma do more when it all came crashing down on humanity? 

Communist Party Endorse Hillary Clinton

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