Tuesday, September 13, 2016

GRASSTOPS USA 09/13/2016

Limbaugh Sounds Off On Mysterious Hillary Illness

As the Clinton campaign's damage control effort sought to minimize the importance of the illness that struck Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday morning, talk show host Rush Limbaugh made it clear that there was a lot more to this emerging story than meets the eye...

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Free Course On The Constitution: Download It Now

The Executive Branch was designed to be powerful, but with important—constitutional—constraints. Therefore, in order to deepen the American people's understanding of the office of the President, Hillsdale College is Making made popular online course, "The Presidency and the Constitution," available to you for free. Get it now. You won't regret it...

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Pence Takes Aim At Hillary

The 2016 GOP vice presidential nominee and Indiana governor Mike Pence says he was taken back and speechless when he heard what Hillary Clinton said of Trump supporters at a private fundraiser. Clinton claimed...

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University Institutes Jim Crow Housing Policy

Coming soon, Black students will not have an option whether to move into a residential complex that is solely African Americans. The university's Black Student Union began reaching out to the university authorities demanding segregated accommodations because of racial discrimination that they say African American students face...

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