Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Poll Question:  Bill Gheen of ALIPAC says that deporting illegals, with their immediately going right to the end of the line, is against the law.  He says the illegals must wait 10 years before they can do that. For this poll....
Do you think that nullifying/waiving this 10-year ban is an acceptable trade-off for deporting these illegals?

From: Sher Zieve.....
Folks, it's time to blitz our Congressional Reps and Senators with both phone calls and emails to tell them to STOP Obama's overreach of his authority and dictatorial practices!...From: Dave Hollenbeck

The White House will end U.S. oversight at month's end, unless lawmakers step in

From: Jenny...
Exclusive — Sessions on U.S. Failure To Implement Visa Tracking System 15 Years After 9/11: ‘Choice’ Is ‘Crystal Clear’ Between Trump, Clinton

From: Kirk MacKenzie     DEPLORABLES: TRUMP'S NEW AD  

From: Gary Forbes...obama has assigned Jeh Johnson's Dept of Homeland Security to "oversee" the November election. This is a clear and blatant Federal takeover of the election process by a political pawn who hates Donald Trump. Here's our tweet which includes the story they created to get away with this outrageous government overstep. If Johnson takes over this process, he will do every- thing in his power to steal this election from us. BTW,
Here's how much people trust Jeh Johnson...Poll https://twitter.com/tfgnews/status/774424920914821121
From: Rob E.....Alexandria Stonewalls Investigation Into Illegally Registered Voters

BJ3: Or as Laura Ingraham calls it....”MESSNBC” 

From: Jenny...Wow, is the left media turning on her?...Clinton’s cover story for her pneumonia diagnosis further proves her first instinct is to lie
From: Devvy...Hillary Clinton Visited And Played With Grandchildren After Pneumonia Diagnosishttp://devvy.net/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/r/alerts/997774391284/bobjen3/optimum.net/

From: Jenny...Trump Responds To Hillary Collapse: ‘I’ll Be Releasing Results Of My Medical’
Is America being duped by a Hillary Clinton Body Double-
From: Sher...Well...the truth finally comes out!  Please send to ALL your lists.  The ruling elite--whom we assume will remain white--want a subservient lower IQ class that's far easier to subjugate and rule...From: charlite...
I hope this goes viral. That's all I can say. Biden is so profoundly STUPID that he actually told the world what the Marxist-Islamist-cum-Liberal objective IS while this administration has been working to accomplish their dastardly goal at a fever pitch for the past 7 1/2 years.............and a 'President HRC' would finish off 'White America!' - Lord Help Us All. - [Most EXPLOSIVE 38 SECOND CLIP in the history of YouTube.] 
From: JR Dieckmann in Los Angeles
Joe Biden Admits Breeding Out The White Race Through Immigration Is The End Game
“An unrelenting stream of immigration, non-stop, non-stop... by 2017 Caucasians will be an absolute minority, an absolute minority... that's the source of our strength...” A little tidbit of Joe Biden admitting that breeding out the white European race through immigration is their end game. It is the source of their "power".
From: Jenny...
A Manifesto for the 60 Percent: The Center-Right Populist-Nationalist Coalition
From the perspective of today, in 2016, we can see that the TR presidency is still a good role model for conciliatory leadership: That is, find a leader who will implement policies so that the rich won’t continue to exploit the poor, and, at the same time, make sure that the poor don’t feel compelled to rise up and perhaps plunder the rich.”

Ex-CIA Director James Woolsey Joins Team Trump   http://news.newsmax.com/?S6CD.ZSXChC0NjYIMrcusiEvzky6NJUAS&http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/James-Woolsey-Trump-Campaign-Senior-Adviser/2016/09/12/id/747813?ns_mail_uid=8499054&ns_mail_job=1686278_09122016&s=al&dkt_nbr=tqftx2pf
New Forced Vaccination Law Rolling Out Soon ...Federal health officials are upping the ante in the high stakes chess game that industry, government and medical trade have been playing with the freedom of the American people for a long time. Act NOW to protect your and your family's health freedom.

From: Jenny...Dutch police unveil new EAGLE unit which will be used to attack drones http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3785583/Dutch-police-unveil-new-EAGLE-unit-used-attack-drones.html

From: Sher Zieve...Great story!  Thanks to Eric....Sniper takes out ISIS executioner from a mile away
From: Anita Hynds.....ONE NATION UNDER GOD # 1
  I gave this flyer yesterday to the attendants (more than 300 people) at the Nixon Library when the Ceremony was over. They all like it and happy for what I was doing. Maybe you can print and take it to your Church. Share with your friends. Give a copy to your Pastor. Calvary Chapel help us a lot. I take this flyer in my purse. I turn around and gave to who ever is behind me. America will thank you. I make three copies in one page. Anita
                       ONE NATION UNDER GOD
“Time is of the Essence” Continue to be governed by either evil or to be One Nation Under God. It is very important for all of us Christians get united to defend our land that was given to us to take care of, with morals, values and principles on which we believe and not to let destroy what was built with love and our Taxes. Illegals have no respect for our Laws and Muslims imposing their religion with terrorism. They both have to go.  God told Joshua and now He is speaking to us. Have faith.  “Be strong and Courageous. Do not be afraid: Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you where ever you go.  Joshua 1: 9. We have to let our people know about our new, strong and unique leader. The one can help us to “Make America GREAT AGAIN”...DONALD TRUMP for President & Mike Pence Vice-president. 
Anita Hynds. AmericaInAction7@aol.com    

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