Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Is it Time to Boycott the NFL? More Players Take Stand Against America

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Blacks Chant: “Don’t Vote for Hillary, She’s Killing Black People!” [video]

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So it Begins: This State Forces LGBT “Accommodation” Rules on its Churches

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Media Responds To Clinton’s Collapse by Assuring America that Everything is All Right
Guess Which Presidential Candidate is BOUGHT and PAID FOR by Corporations?
Omaha School Board Caters to Planned Parenthood Over Parents’ Objections
The Great Swindle: Will Voters Supporting a Possibly-Parkinsonian Clinton End Up with Kaine Instead?
Socialist Law Enforcement Fails, Like All Other Socialism [VIDEO]
Liberals and their “Fuzzy” and Forgetful Memories
Green Party Presidential Candidate says She Wouldn’t have Killed Osama bin Laden
Was the “Russian Reset” All about Earning Big Bucks for the Clinton Foundation?
Is Hillary Clinton Duping America… with a Body Double? Probably Not…
American Hero and Wounded Warrior Brian Kolfage Takes on the Culture of the Oppressed
Government Prepping to Confiscate Cash? [VIDEO]
Jesus is Your ONLY Hope
Defending the American Dream
Hungary’s PM on EU Migrant Mandates: “We are Preparing for a Conflict” [videos]
Did 9/11 Really Change the World for Good?
When Watching the Debates – Remember 2012
Today, September 13, 1814: Words to Star Spangled Banner Written
News You Can Use for September 13, 2016
Pastors Could Face Jail Time Over Massachusetts Law
Texas Students Rally Behind Ten Commandments
Hillary Clinton Disrespects ¼ of Americans, Will the Media Care?
It Takes A Village Idiot To Vote For Hillary
WATCH: Unhealthy President Is An Unsafe President: Hillary’s Security Problem
Hillary Clinton Suffers Medical “Episode” at 9/11 Memorial; Watch the Stunning Video Here
Watch Obama Trash the USA 18 Different Times During His Recent Trip Abroad

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