Thursday, August 11, 2016


Submitted by: David Bertrand
Hillary's Communist Connections and Endorsement

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David Duke (KKK) endorsed Trump and the media whores went nuts.....but since the Communist Party USA have now endorsed Hillary Clinton....not a peep.

We know that Obama comes from a communist background, his real father, Frank Marshall Davis, a card carrying communist was also Obama's mentor. In the video (here) you can hear Obama discussing "white privilege."

But while Obama was just a little king Tut, growing-up in Kenya and later attending school in Indonesia as a "Muslim" according to his school record, Hillary Clinton was foaming at the mouth over her mentor, Saul Alinsky.....another communist community organizer of whom dedicated his book, "Rules For Radicals" to Lucifer.

The similarity between Obama and his mentor, Bill Ayers, another community organizer (terrorist) that skipped the orange jumpsuit, and Hillary Clinton's obsession with Saul Alinsky....she too getting a free pass on her treasonous and murderous past, is unmistakably an "clear and present danger" to America as communism is in the house.  

"Today, The Washington Free Beacon put together an excellent report about new letters between Hillary Clinton and Saul Alinsky, the infamous community organizer who wrote ‘Rules for Radicals.’ That book, which Alinsky dedicated to ‘Lucifer,’ became the handbook for racial agitators and left-wing political problem causers."

The war between the communists and Trump is heating-up and there's no room for mistakes, my opinion, his GOP counterparts are going to screw him anyway and my advice to Trump is to throw the political correctness out the window and stir the patriotism of America by speaking his mind 100% again.

As far as his 2nd amendment statement.....yes, his response is appropriate, but WE all know the communists want our weapons and they will do every thing they can (under a Hillary dictatorship) to further usurp the 2nd amendment. If they take the weapons by force, THEY also know there will be blood.

"As WND Managing Editor David Kupelian observed earlier this year, the Democratic Party has become indistinguishable from the Communist Party, thanks to Barack Obama.
Once upon a time, American Lookout said, being embraced by Communists would end a politician’s career.  Thanks to Obama’s fundamental transformation, however, that’s no longer the case."

Welcome to Obama’s America…

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