Thursday, August 11, 2016


Dear Conservatives,
The national news media are ignoring one of the the biggest global stories of our time!
Right now, Christians are being murdered in some of the most brutal and barbaric ways imaginable in the Middle East, Africa, and parts of South Asia:

  • Priests, nuns, women, men, and children are being targeted for their faith and slaughtered by the forces of ISIS in historical numbers.
  • Christians are being drowned in cages, beheaded, burned alive, and tortured. Their deaths are filmed and shared by ISIS as propaganda for recruitment.
  • Ancient Christian holy sites are being ransacked and demolished, while documents that date back to the Apostles are being destroyed.
  • Only a fraction of the millions of Christians that were spread throughout the Middle East just a few years ago remain today. Those who have not been murdered have been forced to flee their homes.
ISIS and allied groups have made it clear their goal is to purge the Middle East and the world of Christians.

Barb, the media are deliberately censoring this story! The Obama

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