Thursday, August 11, 2016


Revised DARK Act gets Obama’s signature – but won’t go unchallenged...It was a Christmas-in-July present to Monsanto — one that the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) calls a “slap in the face” to 90 percent of Americans who want GMO labeling. I’m talking about the Stabenow-Roberts bill (S-764), which Obama signed into law at the end of July. It’s nothing more than a revised version of […]

From: Dave Hollenbeck...Why Trump’s Campaign Is So Important for America
From: RUSH...Gun Owners and Trump Supporters Are Fed Up with Being Smeared...RUSH: Trump means one thing, but these guys, these people have such a bias and such a prejudice, a bigoted view of gun owners, that they think they use them irresponsibly, everybody's out there shooting everybody, and that NRA members love it when guns are used for anything. Just like every general loves to go to war and kill people, so do people that have guns, they love gun violence. And because of this bigotry and this prejudice that they have, a comment like this is made, they never even consider the actual political implication of it, the power of the NRA as a voting bloc.
From: RUSH...How Mrs. Clinton Gets Away With It...RUSH: The media now consider themselves to be the people they cover.  They are the establishment they party with, they hang out with, they socialize with, they do business with, the Democrats and the people in power within the establishment. They don't cover them.  They cover for them...

From: sherzieve...
Very good article...From: "David Stoddard"
What the CFR is and Why They View Trump as a Direct Threat

BJ3: Man, is that ever a reason to vote Trump or what?
#NeverTrump Pundit Calls for 'Negotiated Surrender to Hillary'
BJ3: This is in addition to the commie rino leftists above...From: Rob E
Communist Party Goes All In for Hillary

From: charlite.....
Barry will issue an EO around the end of October, giving all of these multiple-thousands legal status. Then they will be bussed to wherever Dem votes are most needed anywhere in the country. [IMO - Soros should be stripped of his U.S. citizenship and returned to Hungary. Let the Hungarians deal with this monster.]

From: sherzieve.....
Obama awarding the criminals, while destroying the law-abidersd...From: To: charlite.....And local DNC workers will make sure that 1000s of illegals somehow manage to be transported to selected polling places on Nov. 8 - in precincts that are most likely to be Trump voters. That's the End Game (among many other objectives) of the mass importation of foreigners throughout Indonesian Barry Soetoro's REIGN in our WH.
Massive Election Rigging In Progress --- Polling Fraud and MSM Propaganda Dominate Like Never Before  CONTRIBUTOR: MILLENNIUM Reporter. THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today. 2016 Election Being Rigged By The Hour, Polls Fraudulent and Manipulated, Clinton Popularity Grossly Exaggerated All Clinton poll data is deeply flawed, MSM articles bogus, Conditioning the electorate for a Democrat election theft Mainstream Media Shamelessly Promotes Clinton...
From: sherzieve.....US Government FORCES surgery on US citizen...FBI removing evidence that it's their bullet?  This is what our government has devolved into under the Leninistic ObamaGov.  We no longer have a legal government, folks.  This is merely another example.  Please pass this on to all of your lists!
From: Kathy Hawkins...Christians Get Furious About Muslims Killing Christians And Destroying Churches, They Form A Major Militia, Declare A...


From: charlite.....
OF COURSE he was offed. Clinton 'Enforcers' took care of this poor man. This isn't new. This is SOP for the Clintons - Standard Operating Procedure. - Did you know that FIFTEEN eye witnesses who were on the ground, or in the chain of information connection at Benghazi on 9-11-12 had already been KILLED by the beginning of 2014. FIFTEEN potential fountains of TRUTH - critical sources of information  - - - DEAD. Not very different from the several hundred dead eye witnesses at Dealey Plaza in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

From: Jenny...Emails Reveal Clinton Foundation Donors Asking State Department for Favors

From: Jenny...Shock: Americans’ Wages Dropping Fast in 2016
Obama the Hypocrite- Forgives 100+ Gun Felons
From: Jenny...Fears of a 'Calais in Italy' as migrants keep flooding across the Mediterranean

From: Jenny...The new Germany? Switzerland struggles to cope with surge of migrants trying new route 
From: Jenny...‘It’s NOT safe in Germany anymore’ German family flee to Russia to claim asylum
From: Eric H (re Woods in yesterday’s Briefer)...FYI - Agree with James Woods 100%.  Who the hell would vote for Killary.  Love the quality photo shopped image of the Killary speech in Tampa/St. Pete.  Looked like the images of Slick Willy, Chelsie, and some BLM guy were oversized fathead posters/ Buwahahahahahaha.

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