Thursday, August 11, 2016


Look no further than the secular media, America's radical progressive propaganda machine, to understand why our nation's core values have eroded to the point of being unrecognizable. Advancing the secularist movement means that the media must successfully demonize people of faith and diminish our religious liberty and right of conscience. Please see my important update below – Mat.

Dear American Patriots,

A meeting of pastors and spouses in Florida, for which I am among the guest speakers, has created a firestorm of propaganda being trumpeted by the secular media as an "anti-LGBTQ" event, among other profoundly misleading statements.

The American Renewal Project, which hosts gatherings in a number of states, is hosting The Florida Renewal Project, a two-day gathering of an expected 700 pastors and their spouses. The event is designed for these Christian leaders to be renewed, to be challenged, and to be encouraged.  Among the forums is Issachar Training, designed to empower men and women of God who desire to seek public office.

This is what the event espouses: "Pastors are those who believe that Religious Liberty is worth protecting for this, and the next, generation. What we do at Renewal events is spiritual; only the byproduct is political. For without God's mercy there is no hope. Come join us in celebration of our freedom, and let's pray together for what we do not deserve…mercy!"

As one of the guest speakers, I am joined by Senator Marco Rubio and presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

+ + According to one media report, I am among the "country's most notorious religious conservatives."

The American Prospect wrote about the gathering …
"Rubio and Trump Head to Orlando for Anti-LGBTQ Event"
"Two months after the Pulse nightclub shooting, the two Republicans plan to address some of the country's most notorious religious conservatives."

In response, Senator Marco Rubio told the Orlando Sentinel:
"The event I will be speaking at in Orlando is a gathering of local pastors and faith leaders. Leave it to the media and liberal activists to label a gathering of faith leaders as an anti-LGBT event."

The fact is, this meeting is for pastors and is emphatically not an anti-LGBT event. Local advocacy organizations have intentionally maligned and distorted the event to promote their own narrow agenda. And political opportunists have outright lied about the purpose of this event in order to promote their own political agendas. The American Renewal event is designed to be a spiritually uplifting and motivating meeting for pastors.

+ + With Our Nation Hanging in the Balance, Silence is Not an Option!

As Christians, you and I can be on the leading edge of a great revolution — one that could very quickly right the course of our nation. This revolution must start in the church!

Through our "Silence is Not an Option" initiative, we have the opportunity to empower pastors to unify believers and lead their flocks to change the culture. Together, we must stand against immoral bullies, confronting them with the truth and clearing the path for moral leadership to

Our exclusive DVD that we created to get into the hands of America's pastors places "boots on the ground" in the states that will most affect the outcome of the crucial 2016 general election.

You can help by sponsoring as many copies of our "Silence is Not an Option Action Pack" as possible and we will deliver them to pastors, church leaders, and Christian citizen activists in strategic states. Or, if you prefer, order one or more copies for yourself, your pastor, your Bible study group, or to deliver to local churches in your area!

Lee S, Liberty Counsel Action is doubling-down on our efforts to get our proven and powerful "Silence is Not an Option" Action Packs into the hands of Bible-believing pastors in 2016 battleground states!

Can I count on you to help me further sow the seeds of this revolution?

Even if you have done so before, click here now to sponsor as many "Silence is Not an Option" Action Packs as possible to help empower pastors and Christian leaders in strategic battleground states across the nation. 

You are absolutely essential to this inspired mission!

God bless you and God bless America!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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