Thursday, August 11, 2016


Here's How We Can Defeat Hillary Clinton and Her Dangerous Agenda. Will You Help Me Defeat Her Before She Can End America As the Land of the Free?

Dear Patriots,

I know your time is precious, but if you believe the single most important issue in this election year is the survival of America under a possible Hillary Clinton presidency, then you can do something about it right now.

If elected president, Hillary Clinton will appoint radical liberal activist judges who won't protect our constitutional rights, fill government bureaucracies with leftwing, power-hungry activists, and issue favors to big donor cronies at the expense of jobs for hard-working Americans.

She will complete what Barack Obama started by totally transforming America. The ballgame's over.

And the mainstream media is doing everything they can to get her elected by failing to report about her real agenda, her corruption, her utter dishonesty, and her ties to corrupt foreign governments -- and yes, even her weakness towards Radical Islamic extremists.

The country will be poorer, weaker and less safe if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

The electoral math is clear: Whether Hillary becomes president hinges on independent voters in 13 key swing states.

I'm sure you remember how a few hundred votes in just one state -- Florida -- decided the presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore back in 2000.

Because the media are in the tank for Hillary, it will be up to people like you and me in the grassroots to make sure Hillary does not win in those 13 swing states.

If you think that's impossible or improbable, or that it would cost tens of millions of dollars in TV ads to reach those independent voters in those 13 states, let me share this little secret.

By clicking here, you can help reach hundreds of thousands of those independent voters with information that will help them decide to vote against Hillary Clinton -- it's called "My Own Super PAC."

My Own Super PAC will bypass the media and put valuable information postcard ads right in the hands of those voters.

These ads by FedUp PAC, the creator of "My Own Super PAC," are different from what you normally see from political committees and campaigns.

For one thing, at least 95 percent of the money spent on TV and radio advertising is wasted because it's reaching everyone - not the people you need to reach.

TV and radio ads reach people who are not registered to vote, children too young to vote and the 90% of people who have made up their minds.

Instead, FedUp PAC is going forward with this one-of-a-kind ad campaign project we've named My Own Super PAC -- because you, not Wall Street or the wealthy special interests and cronies of Hillary, will be financing these "under-the-radar" ads that will help swing the election away from Hillary.

My Own Super PAC will target directly by mail hundreds of thousands of registered independent voters in the 13 battleground states that have decided every Presidential election in recent history -- if we get the grassroots funding to do so.

Reaching voters with the right information at the right time is something I've been helping candidates and causes do for many years.

My name is Richard Viguerie. I pioneered political direct mail, and I can make the case that without direct mail, Ronald Reagan would not have been elected president.

The late John F. Kennedy Jr's magazine, George, declared the founding of my company one of the "100 defining moments" in American politics in the 20th Century.

I'm in my early 80s, and I'm at the top of my game. I know how we in the grassroots can defeat Hillary. With direct mail, My Own Super PAC can single out just the registered independent voters (in other words, the "swing" voters up for grabs in this election) in each of the 13 key battleground states that will decide who wins in November. . .so that every dollar we spend achieves maximum impact.

Here are the latest numbers on registered independents in the 13 traditional battleground states, rounded to the nearest thousand:

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Carolina
Independent Voters
In all, the outcome of this Presidential election is in the hands of independent voters in those states.

These are the people we must convince to vote against Hillary Clinton.

Please don't forget for one moment that she is more than just another liberal.

Obama's promise to "fundamentally transform" America pales in comparison with Hillary Clinton's plan to impose Soviet-style control over every aspect of our daily lives.

She will do it by silencing her opponents so that any resistance to her evil Big Government control agenda is stifled.

Speaking before the 2015 Women in the World Summit, Hillary Clinton made a chilling declaration that remains mostly unreported by the so-called mainstream media:

". . .deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and. . . biases have to be changed."

In a Hillary Clinton administration, God, the Bible and the Constitution will be replaced with government-approved "values" like diversity, political correctness, and allegiance to her and her leftwing values.

Hillary Clinton's IRS will make the Obama administration's targeting and attempted silencing of conservative groups look like child's play.

You, I, and the rest of America will knuckle under to the new Clinton era -- or else.

Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine the aftermath of a Supreme Court majority packed by Hillary Clinton:
  • The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms - gone,
  • The First Amendment right to religious freedom - gone,
  • Constitutional separation of powers - gone,
  • A Supreme Court that interprets the Constitution literally instead of inventing new "rights" like gay marriage - gone,
  • Constitutional mandates like national sovereignty and border control - gone.
All gone.

The best way I know to keep that from happening is to put the effectiveness of direct mail political advertising to work.

The "My Own Super PAC" project of FedUp PAC is preparing a series of 10 inch X 5 inch-sized postcard ads to mail to independent voters in the 13 campaign battle ground states.

We will print these postcard ads on thick, heavy paper so they stand out in the voter's mailbox. Each one will inform the voter about the dangers of a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

We will encourage all who receive a My Own Super PAC ad to make copies of them and pass them out to friends, relatives, and associates at work, and then to go to the polls in November to vote and defeat Hillary.

For every $1, you and I can reach two registered independent voters in a battleground state with a detailed mailing on why a Hillary Clinton Presidency would mean the end of America as you and I know it.

At least two voters will read each ad because each household has an average of 1.6 voters. And, as I mentioned, we are urging people to share the postcards with others.

Your larger $100 will extend the reach of one of our ads to 200 independent voters in a crucial battleground state.

Your even larger $250, $500, $1,000, or more donation will have that much larger of an impact on the battleground states. What's more, your donation will help FedUp PAC support conservative candidates and the work of other conservative groups.

In fact, there is no limit on a donation to FedUp PAC, and we can accept corporate contributions.

You or your company can fund $10,000, $25,000, even $100,000 or more of these ads. There's no limit to be your own super PAC with "My Own Super PAC."

Think about the few hundred votes in just one state that literally decided the presidential election in 2000, and how you and My Own Super PAC can prevent a Hillary presidency. But we've got just weeks to do this, and that's why I ask that you act now.

FedUp PAC has a unique, clearly defined plan to block her ultimate victory. Targeting independent voters in the 13 battleground states is the key. With your $15, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $5,000 or larger donation, I will put that plan into action.


Richard A. Viguerie
Chairman, FedUp Political Action Committee
Founder of "My Own Super PAC"

P.S. Independent voters in the 13 battleground states must clearly understand that Hillary Clinton's dangerous, radical direction agenda will mean the end of our country. FedUp PAC has a one-of-a-kind plan to reach those voters in time. But I need your donation in order for it to work.

At least two voters will see each ad, so your $15 will help me reach 30 voters, $25 will help me reach 50 voters (for $50 or more I will send you a "FedUp with Hillary" bumper sticker), your $50 will put one of our ads in front of 100 voters, your $100 will get ads to 200 voters and so on. Your donation will also help support our work on behalf other conservative candidates and conservative cause organizations. Please don't wait.

One other way you can help is to forward this e-mail to 20 friends, relatives or neighbors. Any way you can provide help to defeat Hillary is welcome!

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