Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Written by: John DiNardo

Government Subterfuge Shrouds Imminent Earth Cataclysms

  Brave men have been silenced for revealing the state secret that attacks
against the United States (e.g. Pearl Harbor, the WorldTradeCenter), and
terrorist bombings and shootings in Baghdad, Kabul, Ankara, Paris,
Brussels, Hamburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Bologna, Benghazi, Haifa,
Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Tucson, Boston, Dallas, San Bernardino, Orlando,
Newtown, Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc.  . . . all of these are shock
events, intended to make you, the deceived citizens, fund corporations'
wars for profit, wars for territory, wars for the natural resources of third-
world nations such as Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Syria, Somalia,
etc., and also to profit (both financially and fascistically) from an ulterior
agenda of public repression in your airports and on your streets.  

The following is just a small citing of brave men, some of whom have been
silenced by murder, some of whom have been silenced by beatings, and
some of whom have been silenced by threats of physical harm or by
punitively waged scandals -- all of whom have revealed various appalling
state secrets:
__ President John F. Kennedy, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, Secretary of
Defense James Forrestal, Sen. Paul Wellstone, Sen. John Tower, Sen.
John Heinz,  Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Congressman Sonny Bono,
Congressman Lewis McFadden, New York State Attorney-General Elliott
Spitzer, legendary Gen. George Patton (U.S. Army), Gen. Wesley Clarke
(U.S. Army), Gen. Smedley Butler (U.S. Marine Corps), retired Central
Intelligence Agency officials John Stockwell, Ralph McGehee, Philip Agee,
Victor Marchetti, Lester Coleman, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, William Colby, and the Deputy Director of the F.B.I. John
O'Neill (whom they sent into the World Trade Center towers just before
they blew up the towers).

Here at home, away from the foreign war front, mass shootings are used
to rob you of your working wages for extravagant corporate profits in the
lucrative industry called "homeland security". Foreign and domestic mass
bombings, mass shootings, and assassinations of leaders, both foreign
and domestic, are effected through the hypnosis of carefully selected
psychologically suggestible subjects, according to photocopied Central
Intelligence Agency documents dating from the 1950s to the present,
and according to the written testimony of U.S. Navy Captain Gunther
Russbacher of the Office of Naval Intelligence.  Yet, you were told that
these mass bombings and mass shootings were all committed by lone
nuts -- and by repetition (remember Hitler's "big lie" by repetition) they
instilled in you the lie that no one can be hypnotized to shoot people
against his will.

  Today, however, there is a new reason for mass shootings: namely,
to jerk your face away from the fearful spectacle of back-to-back Earth
cataclysms, worldwide: rain storms, floods, wind storms, hail storms,
dust storms, and yes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which
peaked around 2010, but which are intensifying once again, due to the astronomical boomeranging -- the celestial looping out into the outer Solar System and back -- the great cosmic U-turn around the Solar System's jug handle -- of a massive rogue planet which N.A.S.A. has
been secretly tracking since the 1970s, and which N.A.S.A. has
internally documented to be traveling on an incoming elliptical orbit
into our inner Solar System due to our Sun's incredibly strong
gravitational pull. 

 Naturally, by the principles of Newtonian physics,
this elliptically orbiting dwarf star is now on its loopback journey from
beyond Pluto, whence it had overshot our Sun. Like an angler's catch
being pulled up and over the fisherman's head, this Sun-pulled dwarf
star naturally overshoots its fisherman, the Sun, and in overshooting
past Pluto, the Sun's constant gravitational pull first exerts a
decelerating, and then a direction-reversing accelerating pull upon the
intruder, thus forcing it (from beyond Pluto) to loop from initially
incoming under, to returning over, our Sun.  Scientists mistakenly
__ Oh, good; the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions of the past
__ decade are subsiding during this decade.

However, N.A.S.A., the European Space Agency (E.S.A.), J.A.X.A.
(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), and first-world governments
all know that Earth cataclysms are about to intensify, and these should
be approaching their record-breaking zenith over the coming years.
The Government of Norway has constructed a colossal underground
seed vault in the frigid preserves of its southern Arctic territory.

Yes, everyone knows, except you, the majority -- the citizens of the
World!  That's okay. You may turn your eyes away to sports hysteria,
or to TV excitement, to movie fantasies, to politicians' sensational
exhibitions, and to the fascination of celebrities' antics. However, as
one heavyweight legend, Joe Louis, once said:
_ "You can run, but you can't hide."  . . .   and,
as rogue planet researcher Marshall Masters, yowusa.com, always says:
_  "If you don't deal with this incoming rogue planet --
_   it will deal with you!"

But getting back to terrorist shootings of mass distraction, the
Government of Germany has just had another mass shooting,
coincident with its low-key announcement, here in August of 2016, that
German citizens need to store food and water in case of yet another of
what we know to be diversionary mass shootings or mass bombings, and
also (the German Government says), in case of potential cataclysmic
natural disasters! . . . 

So, you see, they had a mass shooting in Germany in order to mask and muffle the public sting of the government's warning to store food, thus numbing the psyche of the German public as to the
gravity (pun intended) of these hinted natural cataclysms! Is not this tactic commonly used whenever our diabolical ruling elite wish to reveal some horrid eventuality to us, while distracting us with a more sensational tragedy?! 

The onset of a war is the shroud which they have historically
used to conceal their forthcoming precipitous economic collapses . . .
but here and now the World faces a unique precipice of catastrophe; that
is, the onset of a barrage of varied mega- Earth cataclysms. Hence, they choreographed a mass shooting in order to muffle the German citizenry's ears to their obligatory warning that the Globe's underlying turbulence is now about to erupt into crustal upheavals.  

However, the Son of God strikingly forewarned us of such crustal upheavals nearly twenty centuries
ago. I guess God is so able to foreknow such things, and many centuries in advance, too.  Oh, by the way, He warned us that "nation would rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom," coincident with these "earthquakes in diverse places" around the World. Oh, by the way, the
Son of God also warned us of "pestilences" to occur coincident with these earthquakes and world wars.  

Oh, by the way, He also warned us that there would coincide "signs in the heavens" (i.e. bright blazing comets, asteroids, meteors) which N.A.S.A. (probably from the International Space Station, which they announced they're decommissioning so that they can use it for covert operations) is now preparing to shoot down before Earth's gravitational force field sucks them in to plummet into our
cities and seas. Oh, by the way, the Son of God also warned us that the "seas would be roaring," (i.e. tsunamis, rogue waves, devastating coastal tidal waves), and He also forewarned us that "men's hearts would be failing out of fear for looking upon these" global cataclysms. 

Contrast all that advance scoop with the furtive hint of natural disasters issued by
the German Government, whereas our own U.S. diabolical elite rulers
have not even issued such a hint. Well, maybe one of their .gov websites
has suggested storing food, water, and batteries.  Big deal!
But, at least German leaders have allowed us, humanity's majority of
outsiders, a peak at the hand of cards which the World's ruling elite are
holding close to their vests. Therefore -- get in motion!  Okay?!

 "A Word to the Wise Should be Sufficient."  Remember, even though
your taxed working wages bought their elaborate underground shelter
cities, they don't consider you and me worthy enough to inform us about
their hideaways in the bowels of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado and in
Mount Weather in West Virginia. That's alright. I don't think I would want
to be deep underground when the big quakes are booming. Of course,
they have their near space retreat as their back-up shelter. I would not
want to hide there, either.  

Soon, I'll post the documentation from Catherine Austin Fitts and Olav Phillips on the diabolical ruling elite's "Secret Space Program," which you and I paid for, also.
                   John DiNardo


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