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NY Times calls on Google to hide Hillary Clinton’s failing health

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The MSM won’t even bother to pretend to be objective in this election. They are now in-your-face with their partisan bias. See:

The latest media whore for Hillary is New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo, age 38.
Farhad Manjoo
Patrick Howley reports for Breitbart News, Aug. 1, 2016, that in a tweet, Manjoo calls on Google to “fix” its search engine results to hide evidence of Hillary Clinton’s failing health, and dismisses talk of her health as “conspiracy theories”.
Farhad Manjoo tweet
Of course, liberals like Manjoo pick and choose when it comes to conspiracy theories: Hillary blaming the “vast right-wing conspiracy” is OK, but when it comes to anything that’s not in their Demonrat script, it’s just looney tinfoil-hat “conspiracy theories”.
From Wikipedia:
Farhad Manjoo (born August 19, 1978) is an American journalist and author. Manjoo was a staff writer for Slate magazine from 2008 to 2013 and left Slate in September 2013 to join The Wall Street Journal as a technology columnist. In January 2014, Manjoo became the “State of the Art” columnist for The New York Times, replacing David Pogue. He has been a contributor to National Public Radio since 2009.
Manjoo’s call for Google to censor its search engine results was in response to former New York governor Rudy Giuliani saying, during an argument on Fox News about how sick Hillary really is, “Go online and put down, ‘Hillary Clinton illness,’ and take a look at the videos yourself.”
Breitbart News‘ Howley notes that:
“Clinton frequently leans against stools on stage at her campaign speechesand she admitted that she was exhausted by the end of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia — even though, as far as this reporter could tell, she was just sitting in her hotel the entire time until she gave her acceptance speech to scattered boos.”

What’s Wrong With Her? Hillary Wears Heavy Coat and Black Pants to Nantucket Fundraiser... In August

Clyde | August 21, 2016 | URL: http://wp.me/p2Jq2P-uyN
Aug 21, 2016 by 

Hillary Clinton has no campaign rallies scheduled for the foreseeable future.
Her calendar only includes a few fundraisers.
The mainstream media defended Hillary saying her strategy was “going small”.
But there’s something going on.
This weekend Hillary wandered out for a fundraiser in Nantucket.
She wore black pants and a heavy (wool?) coat... In August... at an outdoor fundraiser.
What’s going on?

Laura J Alcorn
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