Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Bombshell! Hillary Clinton’s Closest Aide Worked at a Radical Muslim Journal for More than Ten Years!

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Shock Report: TSA INVITED Muslim Leaders to Study Airport Screening Process!

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German Politician Supports Arming Citizens to Defend Against Wave of Muslim Refugees!
Were Big Donors Given Access and Favors by Hillary?
Finally! The Mainstream Media Begins Hammering Clinton Foundation Corruption!
Hillary’s Green Energy Policies Could Triple Electrical Rates and Cost Jobs
Has Trump Awakened John C. Calhoun’s Concurrent Majority?
No Foreign Cash for the Clinton? Don’t Bet On It!
Republicans Senators Fight Back After Pro-Criminal Illegal Immigrant Ruling
ISIS Sinks to a New Low – Murders Six Men by Boiling them Alive!
Unbelievable: Italian Food & Hotels Are Not Good Enough For Them!
The Deaths of the Clinton Family’s Enemies is Reminiscent of Hitler’s Night of the Long Knives
Louisiana’s Democrat Governor Praises Donald Trump for Doing the Right Thing!
Liberals Don’t Know How to Debate Donald Trump [VIDEO]
An Open Letter from a Louisiana Resident to the Silent Media
Join Idaho’s III% in the Fight to Defend the 2nd Amendment from the City of Buhl
Video: Who Can Eat and Juggle Oranges with Four Hands?
BEAUTIFUL: Rewriting History with Grizzly Bears [video]
Hillary’s Hidden Healthcare Headache
Today, August 23, 1784: US State of Franklin Declares Independence from North Carolina
News You Can Use for August 23, 2016
Islamists Use PC Against British Prison Guards to Spread Hate
How Israel and the World are Less Safe Because of the Ransom Paid to Iran
School Sends Home Permission Slip for Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance! Updated with Response from the Leon County School District!
Republicans Voting for Hillary Clinton should be Ashamed
Omaha Teachers Taught to Incorporate Black Lives Matters into Lesson Plans
U.S. Army Training Material calls Hillary Clinton a Threat to our Security!

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