Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Dear Friends,
76 days till November 8th, 2016 “Election Day”, are you ready? I'm reaching out to give you some updates and ask for your help. Please join me in working with and supporting some of my peers that kept our interests at the forefront of every vote they cast for you this past session.
Meet Assemblyman Brent Jones:

Assemblyman Brent Jones door knocking and meeting his neighbors.

Assemblyman Brent Jones, his beautiful wife Aimee Jones and their children Avianna and Bradley. 
Assemblyman Brent Jones represents District 35; he has proven his dedication to Nevadans through his voting record this past session. Assemblyman Jones' work ethic towards securing your families quality of living, fighting to keep you in control of your life and your children’s future has been ranked the highest in Nevada by ACU & NPRI. 
Assemblyman Jones is best known for his fight against Common Core and his unwavering quest to return our education system to local control. According to Assemblyman Brent Jones, “Every family, every parent and every student must have the choice of where and how they will be educated, your neighborhood or income should never be a factor on where you’re allowed to send your children to school.” 
However, some of your elected officials believe they know what’s best for you and your children and would like to keep the status quo of separating our children to specific school zones for specific neighborhoods and income brackets. That’s just not fair!
I am asking for your help today. Please donate $5, $10, $25 or more your contribution will go a long way to re-elect Assemblyman Brent Jones. His proven track record of supporting the issues you support is rare in elected officials today. Help me help you by keeping our top legislators in office to continue being a true voice for Nevadans.
Visit Assemblyman Brent Jones website http://www.votebrentjones.com/
Be on the lookout for my next message on Justice Reform and Jury Nullification. And remember start planning now to bring a family member or a friend to the voting polls with you this November. Countdown 76 days away!
In love & liberty,

Michele Fiore

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