Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Donald Hank writes:

NATO and Washington typically attack countries that can't fight back. Symbolizing  this is the disgraceful banning of the Russian para-Olympic team.
How low can you go? 
And to show you how deep the Russophobia goes, I just heard this news reported on Deutsche Welle and the anchor mentioned ONLY that the Russians are upset about this. They did not report any reaction by the West.
How do we interpret this?
Well, folks, we are subliminally being told by our media that Westerners are not supposed to feel sorry for the Russians, even the handicapped because they don't deserve our sympathy. It would be unpatriotic to show sympathy to "weaker" races. Sorry, that remark is not an exaggeration,  not in the least.
We are expected to be hard-hearted toward these poor souls who worked and trained so hard with major handicaps like lost limbs or partial paralysis.
After all, they are nothing but inferior beings who don't deserve to live.
I see no difference between the West's treatment and attitude toward the Russians and the way the Third Reich treated the Jews. Absolutely none. And i have lived in both countries. 
I am beyond outraged.

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