Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Submitted by: Kathy Hawkins

Christians Get Furious About Muslims Killing Christians And 

Destroying Churches, They Form A Major Militia, Declare A 

Crusade Against Islam, And Vow To Destroy Mosques And Kill 

Islamic Terrorists

2016-08-08 21:13:15-04

North-Is-Planning-To-Islamize-–-Niger-Delta-Revolutionary-Crusaders-freedom-fighterPosted in FeaturedGeneral
By Theodore Shoebat Christians in Nigeria have become furious about Muslims killing Christians and destroying churches. They formed their own militia, and have declared a crusade against Islam, and vow to destroy mosques and kill Muslim terrorists. I did a video on this: According to a report: The militant Christian group Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders […]

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ISIS Kidnaps 1400 Non-Muslim Children And Is Brainwashing Them To Become Suicide Bombers

2016-08-09 06:23:42-04

asdlfadshnnxcvwesdPosted in Featured
ISIS has released a new video showing approximately 1400 children they have kidnapped from non-Muslims and are training to become suicide bombers. Some of them are as young as five years old: New estimates suggest that over 1,400 yazidi children are being held by the Islamic State and are being trained to be jihadi fighters […]

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Muslim Man Kidnaps Deaf-Mute Woman, Forces Her To Marry Him And Convert To Islam, She Escapes And Now The Man And The Muslim Community Are Threatening To Murder Her And Her Family

2016-08-09 06:36:23-04

Forced-conversions-of-Christian-girls-in-Pakistan-550x350Posted in Featured
Ms. Asma Masih In another sick example of blaming the victim, a Muslim man captured and forcibly married (read: raped) and Islamized a disabled Christian woman, she escapes back to her family because she is not a Muslim and did not consent, and now she and her family are in fear for their lives from […]

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French Government To Muslim Halal Market- ‘Sell Pork And Alcohol Or We Are Shutting You Down…We Don’t Want A Muslim-Only Area’

2016-08-09 06:39:31-04

No-Halal-Sign-300Posted in FeaturedGeneral
In a surprising move, government officials in Paris are taking a hard line against a Muslim Halal store. Their message: sell pork and alcohol or we are shutting you down: The Good Price mini-market in Colombes has not followed the conditions of its lease, which states the shop must act as a “general food store”, the […]

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Muslim In Belgium Vows: “Murder All Of The Christians, Oh Allah, Destroy The Odious Christians. Oh Allah Kill Them All. Don’t Spare Any Of Them.”

2016-08-09 15:05:26-04

message-to-francePosted in FeaturedGeneral
By Theodore Shoebat Police in Belgium are hunting down a Muslim terrorist who released a video calling for the “murder of all Christians,” stating, “Oh Allah, destroy the odious Christians. Oh Allah kill them all.”  He also said:“Don’t spare any of them.” Here is the report: Belgian police have launched a manhunt for a teenager after […]

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Major City In Philippines Order ALL Muslims Expelled- Says They Are Behind The Drug Trafficking, Murder, And Crime In The City- This Is How To Stop Islam

2016-08-10 06:26:39-04

041315_1316_5Posted in FeaturedGeneral
St. Juan de Ribera, Archbishop of Valencia, expelling the Moriscos from Spain Finally, the Christians are getting something right with Islam. Several years ago, I wrote a piece for the website One Peter Five in which I said that interfaith dialogue with Muslims is a delusion because among many things it presumes mutual respect. I […]

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Muslims Hear A Rumor Christians Are Going To Build A Church, They Burn Down Entire Christian Area, Attack The Christians With Gas Canisters And Air Guns While Screaming ‘Christians Are The Enemies Of Allah’

2016-08-10 06:53:04-04

Copts-Egypt-Christians-APPosted in FeaturedGeneral
Well, it is true that Christians are the enemies of Allah, since Allah is demonic. However, this was another act of Muslim savage violence that began as simply a rumor, which immediately turned into an outright terrorist attack: The baying mob shouted “we don’t want a church” and “No god but Allah, Christians the enemies […]

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Remember That Muslim ‘Child’ Who Viciously Raped And Then Stabbed That Swedish Woman To Death And Set Her Body On Fire? Swedish Court Won’t Give Him Prison Time And Won’t Get Deported, Is Convicted Of ‘Manslaughter’ And Goes To An Insane Asylum

2016-08-10 07:03:35-04

3488728C00000578-0-image-m-24_1464012084748Posted in Featured
You just can’t make this up any more: Over seven months after her murder, the (man) accused of stabbing Alexandra to death has been convicted of manslaughter, aggravated assault, and attempted aggravated assault. However, Nuur has not been given a prison term but rather sentenced to psychiatric care, Afton Bladet reports. Although the prosecutor in the case wanted to […]

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