Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Is Hillary Clinton Dying?

Clinton's health concerns started back in 2009 when at the age of 61 she slipped and fell on her way to the White House to meet with Barack Obama. In 2011 she fell when she was boarding a plane and also suffered from a concussion from a number of fainting spells and what appears to be a blood clot. And now...

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Will Obama Resign Over This Latest Scandal?

It stinks like rotten fish! And you know what else stinks to high heaven? The fact that far too many Republicans in Congress can't seem to bring themselves to even raise a stink over such a blatant violation, but we can guarantee you that's going to change...

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Obama's Family States: He's The Worst President In History

Barack Obama is feeling hopeless or at the very least he is clinging on to the last vine he has, while onlookers laugh at his miserable attempt at self salvation. In his latest attempt to leave some sort of positive legacy on a country that he ultimately destroyed, he has now been quoted as saying...

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TV Station Protecting Migrant Rapists

What is driving the main local TV station in Twin Falls, Idaho, KMVT, to state that racism, not the horrific attack of a 5 year old, is the cause of increasing civic unrest in the area? Who wrote the pitch that was delivered by Nancy Taylor? Was it Nancy herself, who is a local advocate for great immigration?...

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