Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Great America PAC
Pastor Lee S,

In the wake of barbaric Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Boston, San Bernadino and now Orlando, the time has come for the people of this great country to stand up to this unprecedented evil that threatens to take our lives and destroy our way of life. This is a war on America.

As the US prosecutor who took down some of New York City's most notorious crime families, and as the Mayor of New York City on that fateful September day almost 15 years ago, I've lived this firsthand.

We can no longer sit by as our country inches closer to the point of no return.

Keeping this country and its citizens safe must be the first priority for America's next President -- and let me assure you, it will not happen if Hillary Clinton is allowed to continue the disastrous policies of the Obama administration.

It can only happen if Donald Trump is given the chance to bring commonsense and backbone to the Oval Office. He is the only candidate who has consistently shown the leadership and necessary resolve to handle the overwhelming pressure that comes with being President of the United States. And he is the only candidate who will step up and stand tough in the face of adversity.

America needs a leader who will face down Radical Islamic terrorists. America needs a leader who isn't afraid to say the words "Radical Islam." And America needs a leader who doesn't outright deceive the American people when four Americans are murdered on their watch.

So I call on you to please join me in supporting Great America PAC's efforts in support of the Donald J. Trump campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton and bring leadership to the White House. We cannot afford to have a Commander-in-Chief who sleeps through desperate calls from Americans under attack. We must demand a leader will do everything in their power to Make This Country Great Again.

Will you step forward and make a generous contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more so that Great America PAC can continue to support Donald Trump's bid for the Presidency?

This country needs leadership now more than ever. Donald Trump will give us that leadership. And his leadership is what brings me to write to you today.

Together, we can and will move forward out of this dark time of dithering and lack of resolve. But only if this country has a leader and a fighter in the Oval Office.

Now we must fight to give him that chance. Please make your generous contribution supporting Great America PAC today.

America PAC
Rudy Giuliani
Former Mayor of New York City
Proud Supporter, Great America PAC

P.S. As the former Mayor of New York City, I know that Donald Trump is the right man for the job. Donald Trump has been my friend for more than 29 years and I trust him. As an American, I hope that you will, too. Please chip in $25 or more so that we can show the world America will lead once more. Thanks, Rudy

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