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WATCH – Trump Fans Release THIS Video for Every Working Class American SICK of Corruption  Epic video released to support Trump

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From: RCroyts...Dem Congressman Wants Anyone But Straight White Men To Apply For Internships

By Stephen Frank on Aug 08, 2016 08:01 pm..........Democrats founded the KKK.  Democrats in the south owned slaves.  More Republicans than Democrats voted for the 1964 and 1965 Civil rights Act.  Democrats believe the only way a person of color can get a government contract, a job or an education is via affirmative action (government approved racial discrimination) is demeaning and vicious.  Obama […]

From: audree lynn
.....Something smells...From:  John.....If you don't think this was known by Clinton/team think again. She is more despicable each day. Wonder what the audience would have done if known he was there, boo like they did at the DNC for the police and Medal of Honor holder or cheer.
Orlando shooter's father attends Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee...
Seddique Mateen seen sitting right behind Clinton...
From: Jenny...
Jeff Sessions: Orlando Attacker’s Father ‘Clearly An Extremist,’ ‘Taliban Member,’ ‘Wouldn’t Have Been Admitted’ Under Proper Vetting

From: audree lynn
.....Not the least surprised.  Maybe this is just one reason many are going to the internet to receive more factual information...From:  John...
More reasons to distrust the media whether pictures or polls.  They have been covering up for Hillary like they do Ovomit. Truth is unknown to them. If you really doubt go back to Hildabeast's NY primary rally and notice the yellow shirts in the audience.  Same in the photoshop.
Obama- I'm Being 'Forced Out' of Presidency
From: RUSH...Our Country Is in Serious Decline ...RUSH: People know something just is not right.  It doesn't feel right.  Things aren't right.  Wages haven't gone up in 15 years.  People are angrier than ever before.  None of this is normal!  None of this is cyclical.  This is not the result of cycles that repeat throughout history, either economic or cultural.  Our country right now is in the middle of a purposeful transformation that is the...

From: Sher...I suspect Trump is very well aware of this.  If (may God will "When") Trump is installed as POTUS 45, he will, likely, have HIS people surrounding him and the group protecting him should be his own men.  Reagan handled Carter.  However, Obama is far more evil than "Jimm-'eh." 
From: charlite...This is going to be an enormous problem. World Class ALBATROSS around Trump's neck, once he becomes POTUS. Just IMAGINE the headline-grabbing attention that the B. Soetoro Machine can perpetuate from his D.C. post-presidency residence...........and if he has the same longevity genes as James Earl Carter, we could have the Soetoro hornets' nest wrapped around our 'foreign and domestic' activities, legislation and agenda for decades to come. Horrifying reality, but it was inevitable when he 'won' (stole?) a 2nd term. What will the future of America look like with this Manchurian hanging around, stealing the limelight indefinitely, post 1-20-17?
Obama Looks Beyond The White House - [HUGE PROBLEM!]<<<<
BJ3: Excellent. The fewer enemies the betterGOP Communications Chief Quits Because Of Trump
BJ3: Another excellent.  Always better to know the traitors. Give them as much self-rope as they need. He would likely have booted them out anyway...From: Kathy Hawkins
50 GOP Sign Letter Opposing Trump, Donald: Not Going To Use Them Anyway....BUTTHEADS!

From: Jenny...Disgusting. Paul Ryan to Headline #NeverTrump Conference 3 Days After Primary

BJ3: Ryan should quit too...From: Kirk MacKenzie...
Paul Ryan and most other D.C. politicians don't represent our federation's interests. Instead, they represent the globalists' interests, all the while trying to convince us of the opposite. There is a word for these people: TRAITORS! They should all be behind bars or, better yet, in FEMA camps...
Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Luis Gutierrez Push for Immigration Reform

From: Jenny...Scientist Predicts ‘Little Ice Age,’ Gets Icey Reception From Colleagues

From: sherzieve.....Not good news for still sane humans
Roy Moore headed to trial; court denies motion to dismiss charges

From: Dave Hollenbeck...Female Muslim-American Olympian Bashes U.S.A. —Goes Off The Hinges About Why America Sucks!
BJ3: STill don’t trust it.  Once you “upgrade”, you’re basically locked in as it’s a real drag to switch back...From: Rob E..... Windows 10 | Microsoft lets you adjust privacy settings on a granular level | SuperSite for Windows
In the early 1900s, the American Medical Association removed virtually all nutrition classes from the medical colleges, so that every student of medicine, from there on out, would be focused on but one mode of treating patients: prescription, patented chemicals that relieve only the symptoms of...’

BJ3: Sounds like the makings of a good film...From: Jenny...
Stray dog waits SIX MONTHS outside hotel in Argentina after air stewardess shows him affection... and has now been adopted by her after she returned
12 crazy real life jungle book moments

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