Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I’m not going to sugarcoat this… It’s the worst news I could’ve gotten.
George Soros recently announced that he’s spending $25 million to help Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats win back the House of Representatives.
And if they succeed, you know what that means? Bigger government, higher taxes, and less freedom. Don’t believe me? The last time Nancy Pelosi was speaker she passed ObamaCare, TARP, a failed trillion dollar stimulus package, and Common Core. And if she regains the speaker’s gavel, you know she’ll force more of her radical, liberal agenda on America. Pastor Lee S, don’t let that happen. Pledge to stop Nancy Pelosi today.

And if we have a President Hillary in January, a Speaker Nancy Pelosi will rubber stamp every part of Hillary’s liberal agenda. Together they’ll ensure the government controls your life. They’ll control your health care. They’ll force your children into Common Core. And they’ll try to take every single dollar you earn.
Pastor Lee S, we can’t let Soros get away with his liberal plot. We can’t let Nancy Pelosi become the next Speaker of the House. But it isn’t going to be easy. We’re going up against $25 million of George Soros’ money. Thankfully we don’t have to match Soros dollar for dollar. All we need is for conservatives like you, to stand up and oppose them. That’s why I’m asking you to pledge to stop Nancy Pelosi right now.
Pastor Lee S, you know what’s on the line. You know the damage a Speaker Nancy Pelosi will inflict on this great country. But FreedomWorks PAC can’t stop them ourselves. WE NEED YOUR HELP! There’s still time left to stop their liberal scheme, but time is running out. So please, take 30 seconds and pledge to stop Nancy Pelosi right now.
For Freedom,
Adam Brandon
Chairman, FreedomWorks PAC


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