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Submitted by: David Bertrand

Spiritual Afterlife Volunteers Needed

Friends and Associates:

Our Tom Lawson provides us with the core problem we are facing as humans and souls of goodness. (see below)

I will add a brief overview of how dangerous our world has become. It's been a little over 2,000 years when the world was in about the same shape it is now, and from the heavens, a messenger/messiah was sent to teach the people about good versus evil.

The demon spirits have once again shown their faces by way of potential human leaders by creating opportunities that feed the ego and pockets of those that hate (us) humans that attack their actions and suppress their agendas. These evil possessed people will murder, rob and steal your land, liberties, and freedoms while attempting to disarm good Americans in-order to fulfill their goals for Satan.

Who is Satan? The bible has it's version and can be interpreted as an evil and powerful force than can manifest at will and in any shape or form. Be it an extraterrestrial species, referred to as "Falln' Angels" or in more practical terms, those that give their life and soul to the dark side.

Regardless if you believe that beings from other galaxies are interfering with humanity through a select group of globalist elites, the point is very simple.....THE GLOBALISTS BELIEVE and THEY want you and me destroyed.

How we counter THEM is a struggle, but belief in ourselves as good humans and spiritually on-track, can defeat them.

Hillary Clinton is THEIR emissary and WE have exposed her evilness at every turn. The spiritual battle is underway and requires resistance at every level until she is defeated...however, she is NOT the last, but of many that will continue the battle. If WE lose...we could easily lose our spiritual soul and could easily end-up stuck in the "earth plane" of existence in the hereafter. WE must keep our hearts and mind focused on defeating these non-human identities that want to take-over the world under a one world religion, a one world order.

Therefore.....spiritual volunteers are needed to sacrifice a little bit of time in the after life, by hanging around in the "earth plane' for a short period of time.

If you are about to be rewarded with a new life in the after life, and when you will immediately know what your options are. AND...if you have the opportunity to place your soul and spirit in the midst of certain political leaders that intend to do this world harm, like marching us into WWIII with thermonuclear war, then by all what you have to do and eliminate the threat !

Our collective consciousness across this country to shut these evil types down is a 50/50 battle, because Satan is fighting like hell.

If WE lose.....WE will have to answer accordingly on the other side, while our grandchildren will be asking why didn't grandpa or grandma do more when it all came crashing down on humanity? 

Communist Party Endorse Hillary Clinton

SEE Tom Lawson's spiritual explanation about our future BELOW

From The Desk of  Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)  Int'l Freight Captain, DC-3, BE-1900, DC-8, & B-727 Ratings / U.S. Army Veteran Vietnam era (Korea) Military Police Communications Sergeant, Artillery FADAC Computer Specialist, Law Enforcement trained, Int'l Aircraft Repo Agent, U.S. Customs Undercover (C.I.), Dept. of Correction Adult & Juvenile Detention Youth Care, Bail Bondsman / Fugitive Recovery Agent, DHS/HWW (Commercial Driver) Counter-Terrorism Instructor, Media Relations Director MCDC, Political Activist, Border Security Expert, Ranch Security & Off-the-Grid from AZ to MT. Basic Rural Survivalist & Prepper that believes in God and Country.
                   Documentaries: "Southern Exposure," "Undocumented the Movie" & "Global Mighty Freight Dog"
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From: Tom Lawson To:
Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2016 11:17 PM
Subject: This election is a culminating war that began Aeon's ago, in the heavens, when the Angels fell

Be prepared. She, the Witch, is culminating evil and the Fraud was the synchronistic 'preparer of the end, led by her' and in my bones, I fear, FEAR she will win, by any means, ANY. ANY!

In my bones I feel that the 'stars' have aligned to see what side we are on and unless a miracle occurs, the 'witch who walks', who is a culminating finale to the evil Fraud, will,finish the destruction and collapse of our country, since she is fully in concert with every demonic force and is diabolically evil.

If you could, 'lend me your ears', just for a moment, take a few moments and elevate your view because what is below IS what is happening now and was described by perhaps the most brilliant synthesis writer of the last 100 years, Dr. Richard Tarnas. 

In his 2005 book (further below) 'Cosmos & Psyche' Rick Tarnas, who graduated with his doctorate from Saybrook about 10 years before me and is about 10 light years ahead of me in insight, in over 600 pages of exacting, empirical detail, provides us a level of insight into a domain that is not only invisible at our level of awareness, but frightening to the masses, that of archetypal astrology and the reincarnation of souls, for both good and evil purposes.

In 'Cosmos & Psyche', Dr. Tarnas provides empirical proof, for those who have the temerity and patience and desire,to read and understand it, of how astrological archetypes and vibrational states prepare for the continuation of 'the battle' between good and evil and shows how souls do NOT come into the earth by accident but by attraction, design and desires to either escape the earth and and return to the celestial realms OR, filled with hatred, seek to destroy, control and enslave goodness and tenor fellow souls,

What has been building for millions of years is a culminating war between fallen angels and Gods children. The fallen ones are the fallen angels described in 'Enoch' the purposively suppressed from the Bible book' that describes in great detail how they are, why they fell and what their desires and end game is.

This goal, thekr goal, is to enslave humanity, by any and all means necessary, Gods children and never allow them to return to the heavenly celestial realms of light from which we ca,e and will, with His help, return.
The rebellious ones, the actual fallen angels, whose sole motivation is hatred of both God & man, is now culminating between the diabolical and evil alliance and encouragement of Islam and the Left, which is their common goal. Their hatred is what got them thrown out of heaven and from which they have been forever banished by their hatreds, hence they have come into the earth plane in order to create theor final 'kingdom', by enslaving us. Remember Lucifers words! 'I would rather be a King in Hell, than a 'slave' ( to God and bowing to His children) in Heaven.

Theirs is a kingdom of hatred, which is why Dr. Jamie Glazov, knowing none of this spiritual war, still discerned it in his 2009 book, United in Hate, describing the love affair between the Left & Islam.

The apostle Paul, who had an epochal epiphany experience similar to if not an actual of, an NDE, saw EXACTLY how this war was thought LOST ....UNTIL, Christ overcame the earth and offered the free will choice of Salvation of all who call on His name as Lord and Savior of all of us who are lost but sense He is 'Yeshua', which means 'Safety'... And also how difficult it is for us to see this war clearly. (COR 13:2).

But Paul,also saw that Christ had to leave, in order for the final two thousand years to be given boththe  good and the evil ones the opportunity to choose...between good and evil.

And what do we have.....UNMITIGATED EVIL throughout not only our government, which is at war with its own people but by its very nature, it's every action, now seeks to destroy our every freedom and to enslave us to theor atheist, God hating, perverse, demonic, lying, immoral agenda and look who and what is their epochal leadership, the Fraud, homo, Muslim, liar, usurper, dope addict and now, the most evil feminine aspect in ALL of history who has murdered, stolen, debauched and sold out her country at every turn.

 Also, lest we not forget her cast of fellow demons, the entire left, their best compadres, the Jihadists, whom they want to create millions of Trojan horses into the country, no matter that murder and mayhem, societal collapse and utter cataclysm is the end. They don't care...that IS their goal,

This is not only the end of America, it is the end of the world and like two thousand years ago, back then, when all hope seemed lost and He came. We can only, by our own purity, devotion, honor and love of Him and His father who sent Him to once again, after they think that they have finally destroyed us, to have Him, Jesus, finally & permanently bar them from the earth and judge them for exactly what they are....demons.

Here is what others say about Tarnas' and his insights in two reviews of 'Cosmos & Psyche'. I hope you are as amazed as am I. 

A Revolutionary Perspective
3854 days ago
If an eminent scholar and acclaimed cultural historian were to publish a major study of human history insightfully analyzing and interpreting various notable epochs and their formative figures, then the intellectual community would be entirely open to, and interested in, what this person had to say. If this person were at the same time to present a variety of parallel phenomena -- geographic, political, biological etc. -- demonstrating correlations between these two lines of phenomena, then the intellectual community would be moved to seriously consider and engage this new knowledge. But what if, most boldly, the phenomena being demonstrated as parallel with the mozaic of cultural history were to be the major alignments of the outermost planets -- what then? 

Richard Tarnas, author of the acclaimed cultural history, 'Passion of the Western Mind', has presented us with just such a paradigmatically challenging and mind-expanding account of a human-cosmic connection. With 'Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View', he has produced a penetrating analysis of the complex thematic character of a number of generally recognized significant historical moments and epochs, revealing how the peaks and valleys of the earthly course of human unfolding demonstrate a rhythmic concordance with the peaks and valleys of the outer-planetary dance. 

As the church fathers were invited to look through Galileo's telescope we are invited to examine certain newly discovered phenomena. Are we to cling to our old dogma and refuse to look, or are we to open our minds -- indeed without putting aside our critical faculties -- to see what this obviously credible historian and new paradigmatic thinker has to say? 

By revealing the very architecture of the evolving collective psyche in resonance with a 're-enchanted' cosmos, Cosmos and Psyche points us toward a greater coherence beyond postmodern fragmentation. Rather than our universe being solely dead matter and rocks banging around according to the laws of physics, as Tarnas explains, it is the confirmation of the cosmological dimension as meaningful that provides the missing dimension of all new paradigm strategies which, especially after Jung, deal very well with psyche but leave cosmos out of the picture.

Tarnas's opus does not require a previous knowledge of astrology or even a general prior acceptance of it. The astrological configurations that Tarnas engages in his account are necessarily basic both in order to be accessible for the non-astrological public and also to provide clear and verifiable evidence rather than esoteric complexification. 

In full accordance with astrological consensus, the author provides a lucid yet profound introduction to the archetypal meanings of the relevant astrological principles. In order to attempt in good faith to refute this book, one would need the scholarship necessary to argue extensively against the characterization of the essentials of a certain period or event, against the interpretations of various works of art, or against the significance of numerous discoveries. One would have to be able to demonstrate convincingly -- with many counter examples -- either how there are in fact no real historical peaks, or that the peaks which Tarnas identifies are questionably chosen simply to fit the theory, or that in each specified period in which relevant works and events are cited that there are just as many events and works of the same essential quality that can be found equally distributed across other times bearing no astro-archetypal resonance to them. A rejection based on anything less than such a meticulous scholarly counter-argument would be cavalier and intellectually disingenuous. But intellectually honest critique and interpretative differences promoting constructive dialogue in the field are entirely appropriate and even required by a work of this magnitude.

3853 days ago
With its open-minded spirit of hypothesis, empirical observation, and ongoing theoretical refinement, this book is a scientific triumph, scientific in the highest sense of the word: Here is the evidence, and here is a possible theory to explain the evidence. Most importantly, the correlations in Tarnas' methodology are replicable. Anyone with a knowledge of the basic tools of this method of analysis, which he carefully introduces, can investigate the patterning of archetypal principles in his or her own life. 

To preemptively criticize this body of research without actually investigating it, to refuse to look through the telescope for oneself, might, I believe, be symptomatic of a vested emotional position rather than a genuinely scientific attitude toward the evolution of knowledge.

 Tarnas recognizes and even celebrates the virtue of skepticism, as Santayana did when he referred to skepticism as 'the chastity of the intellect.' Yet Tarnas goes further, reminding us that while 'the mind that seeks the deepest intellectual fulfillment does not give itself up to every passing idea,' what is sometimes forgotten is that the purpose of skepticism is not to be an end in itself but to prepare us to be ready when a new and deeper truth finally arrives.
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On Thursday, August 11, 2016, 9:34 PM, Wanda S <> wrote:
This is the most corrupt administration in the History of America
and Damned Boehner and Paul Ryan, McConnell, they know, they're part of the big lie to the America ppl) Should've impeached the Fraud years ago!!!!!
If it's even imaginable, Hillary will be worse...
Lock them up!
Lock them up!
Lock them up!

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