Friday, August 12, 2016


BJ3: THX, we never were MS fans anyway...Clint Eastwood’s Support Of Trump Has Just Drawn Crazy Fire From This Hollywood Hillary Lover

BJ3: Well said, indeed, Maybe Lemon and MS (above) should team up...
BJ3: But this one is just a total whack job...Ok, a “meathead”...Rob Reiner- Trump's Supporters Have 'Violent Nature'
BJ3: And then there is patriotic sanity again...(“local” boy too)...From: Jenny...Great video clip…
Jon Voight Rips Media for ‘Distorting’ Trump’s ‘Second Amendment’ Comment

From: Rob E...This also gets him elected..
Trump: 'We Are Seriously Thinking About' Picking John Bolton as Secretary of State
From: Bob Rankin.....Could Hackers “Rig” The Election? - August 11, 2016
Below you'll find a link to my latest article. Click, read and leave your comment! -- Bob Rankin
Could Hackers “Rig” The Election?...Donald Trump has predicted that the November elections will be “rigged.” Most politicians and pundits dismiss that idea as “impossible.” But according to many security experts, thousands of electronic voting machines that will be used across the country on November 8 are so riddled with security holes that the possibility of manipulating the votes they record cannot be waved away. Here's what you need to know...
Hackers Show Just How Easy it is To Hack the Vote
From: Jenny..Trump: Voters Not Fooled by ‘Biased’ Media, ‘Rigged Situation’

BJ3: Not that much of a “surprise” if readers are accepting what so many are writing in “our” alternative media...From: sherzieve  
From: "Michael Bray" .....
Washitngton Times Commentary: Monica Crowley

From: Jenny...Donald Trump on Clinton Foundation, State Dept. Relationship: ‘It’s Illegal’

From: sherzieve...
They have been scavenging plane parts since shortly after Obama seized the Office of POTUS...From: "John Rolls" .....Air Force struggles with fighter pilot shortage amid air war

From: Rob E.....Cuban Woman Indicted in FL for Marriage Fraud with 10 Illegal Immigrants

From: sherzieve.....
Stories I've heard are that it's mandatory and that the Swedish government is already confiscating them.  Thanks to Char.....From: charlite......and if Hillary isn't STOPPED dead in her hideous tracks,  we'll see this same pattern emerging here. Eight years of 'HillaryCareForRefugees' and no American citizen will be allowed to own more than one government-approved home. She'll air lift 100s of 1000s of 'refugees' whom she'll quickly legalize so that they'll form a voting block that will be impossible for any challenger to surmount - Hence Queen Hillary in perpetuity............after 8 years, she could simply hand over the orb and scepter to Chelsea. . . . and don't anyone say Oh how you can't happen here! - There surely was a time when most of us might have said that the Clinton Crime Syndicate 'couldn't happen here.' - QED.
From: sherzieve.....
Please send to all of your lists.....From: "freedomsalert.....
This should be posted on everyone's bathroom mirror and refrigerator door, to be read every day !
BJ3: a close second to those voting mcamnesty...rat ryan hasn’t run for potus yet...From: sherzieve...This is what you get when you reelect criminals to office.  How stupid are Wisconsin voters???...From: "freedomsalert...yet they gave Iran $400,000,000 for hostages ...Paul Ryan Doubles Down on Cutting Veteran Pensions Milan Overrun by ‘Invasion’ Of Thousands Of Immigrants

Dem. Attorneys General Sign ‘Secrecy Agreement’ to Hide Details of Climate-Change Dissenters Investigation

Los Angeles Times Being Sued of Discrimination/Employees Fleeing

By Stephen Frank on Aug 10, 2016 08:21 pm     Age discrimination lawsuits, money meant for reporters missing, editors leaving, that is the Los Angeles Times of today.  This is a newspaper in turmoil.  Were it a conservative organization or a Republican office holder or candidate, the demise of this once great newspaper would be a major story.  Instead, the people of Los Angeles expect […]

From: Sher Zieve FYI.  Thanks to Alan. From: Nodak Bison...and some who don't have APPLE products.  This is all I know from my daily alerts from Kim Komando....
From Alan to my "APPLE Friends:
Apple's security changes aren't working, you're still at risk |
From: Michael Volin..... Friday night's show with former Congressman Bob Dornan
We have an extra-special guest on tomorrow night’s show: former Congressman Bob Dornan—often referred to as “the original Tea Partier." This is a show you don’t want to miss!  Listen in for two hours of dynamic conversation about the rampant corruption in Congress, and what we can do about it.  Better yet, call in and talk directly to Bob.
Date: Friday, August 12, 2016   Time: 8:00 to 10:00pm, Eastern  Call in # 1 347 989 8853, press 1 to get on the air.
Listen live at this link:  

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