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Devvy - MAJOR ALERT: Sabotage at the RNC READ

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We know it's coming and we know that Trump is standing tough and did not back down( last week) with his meeting with Congress. Jeff Flake is a flake and water boy for John McCain. Those of us in Arizona will hopefully send both of them to pasture.

Jeff Flake made it a point to condemn Trump for his comments about McCain's war record, which many say, "he received special treatment above and beyond his fellow captives," for reasons I will not touch. McCain has recently stole land from the Arizona Apache Tribe for an international mining deal....not to mention his trip to Syria to arm and finance ISIS (moderates).

Those in the GOP that want Hillary Clinton are willing to sell us out at all costs by shutting down Trump at the convention. These traitors work for the banking elite on Wall Street and are very corrupt, as you are aware of....the banking system is a fraud beyond belief. The collapse is immanent if THEY ever stop using tax payer's money to bail-out their Ponzi Scheme(s). 

They're certainly afraid of Trump because the cowards will lose millions of dollars in deals that Hillary set-up while she was Secretary of State, the reason for hiding her emails from FOIA requests and State Department eyes.

Enid Mickelson is planning and scheming.....
"Unfortunately, state delegates across the country are being urged by the #DumpTrump crowd to throw the convention into a state of turmoil by changing the convention rules. Ex-Congresswoman, Enid Mickelson, is the chairwoman of the RNC Rules Committee at the convention. She is an ally of the Bush and Romney families. She has stated she is not a huge fan of Mr. Trump. She served one term in Congress and was charged with campaign finance violations.

How wonderful…that we have someone charged with corruption as the chairwoman of the Rules Committee. God help us…this is the GOP establishment!"

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  MAJOR ALERT: Sabotage at the RNC READ

There is a major push to sabotage Trump's nomination at the Republican National Convention which runs July 18 - 21st.

First, I want to thank those who offered to help fund my coverage at the convention but I will not be going. I was at the RNC in 1996 in San Diego and 2008 in St. Paul. The latter was like a police state but no violence other than a few drunks and rowdy protesters. I had my pass to get inside the convention but other than that and being a nobody, you're on your own on the streets to get there. For me it was a long walk to the convention center.

Take money to the bank there will be violence next week - bad. Racist domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and others are going to be there in full force. While the Cleveland PD says they're ready, I think otherwise which is why I'm not going. I do know one delegate who is going so hopefully he can keep me updated.

Do you know the delegate who represents you? Are they bound by the rules for bound and unbound? There's NO question treachery is afoot to take the nomination away from Donald Trump and give the election to that crook, Hildebeast Clinton. That's what these NeverTrump dirt bags are doing and what would hand the most crooked politician in our lifetime, Hillary the Hun, the White House.

They are willing to sacrifice this country and our children and grand children's future. Think: Supreme Court. Open Borders. More destructive trade treaties and the final destruction of our sovereignty and implementing the North American Union. THAT is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I urge you to call the rules committee people Kelleigh gives at the end of Part III and make your voice heard. How many times are members of the Republican Party going to allow GOP elites and party hacks slap them in the face? The RNC needs you, you don't need them - something they know all to well. Do it right away as the convention starts on Monday

Kelleigh Nelson has written a VERY important three part series. Please read and pass along to your mailing lists. Thank you.

Plan to Sabotage Trump at the RNC Rules Committee - Part I


Plan to Sabotage Trump at the RNC Rules Committee - Part II


Plan to Sabotage Trump at the RNC Rules Committee - Part III


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