Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Day of Rage Protests Are Scheduled for July 15th in These American Cities

Another Oregon Occupier Pleads Guilty to Charges
Ten More States Join the Fight Against Obama’s Bathroom Tyranny
Black Lives Matter Attorney Calls for Dismantling of Police
American Socialists Are Trying To Start A Race War So They Can Shut Down The Government And Declare Martial Law - Don’t Take The Bait
We Must Have a Homosexual in Every Movie – at Least One
Fool’s Errand: NATO Pledges Four More Years of War in Afghanistan
Government Fines Christian Girl $15,000 for Overthrowing Blasphemous Art Work of Jesus
Divest from Palestine
Those That Wanted To Get Prepared Have Already Gotten Prepared By Now
Don’t Just Blame the Cops: Who Is Responsible for America’s Killing Fields?
Must See: The Inconvenient Truth About Black Lives Matter
“This Is The Disaster Everyone Will Wish They Prepared For”: SoCal Megaquake Threatens 20 Million
Hungry Venezuelans Feed on Stray Dogs and Cats: “Pets May End Up in Cooking Pots”
Do Demons Exist? Watch A Demon-Possessed Model Manifest A Spirit During A Live Television Interview
Foundations Are the Beginning, Not the End. (So Can We Please Get on with Building Something Already?)
Black Police Officer: “Black Lives do not matter to most Black People”
Community College Professor: Anti-Gunners must Arm themselves, Storm NRA Headquarters and Leave No Survivors

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