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Operation Gladio Underway, Atlanta wants National Guard

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The question has come up, how is George Soros connected to the CIA? Thanks to Steve Quayle...below is the full blown bio for George Soros and the havoc he has been involved with for years. Read how "Operation Gladio" is now in effect.....

Our country is in serious trouble and the cards are on the table......

It is extremely important for all of us to understand who the enemy is and how it operates. Intelligence gathering is not only for the ABC agencies, but very important for us the citizen, because WE are the target and can easily die as a result of their actions.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is what WE must avoid. Being prepared for when the enemy is in our neighborhood, we must react with courage and vengeance.


Local law enforcement (for the most) would agree, but when the SHTF it is likely going to be National Guard and/or the United Nations at your front door. First of all....they shouldn't even get that close to begin with if your town is prepared. I just had a meeting this past week in a small community in Montana and I was glad to see, the people are prepared and they already know who the leaders will be. This was before the Dallas shootings, but everyone agreed....war is just around the corner.

Note: During Katrina, a massive gun confiscation attempt, by the National Guard was not very successful. Example...in a small tavern north of town, two National Guard vehicles stopped in front and entered to see a .50 cal in the back of the bar pointed at them. The bartender said, "if you are here to confiscate weapons, you might as well turn around." The lead officer smiled and said, "no way in hell, we're here to have a drink !"

People are waking-up fast around the country and I fear for those in the major cities that are expected to be hit July 15th.

The administration and their CIA are the social engineers of the chaos and civil unrest. Their plans for Martial Law is being discussed. Atlanta has already stated the need to bring-in the National Guard. 

Click on link and read July 15th Cities to avoid in the comment section

"He said that after this week, officials will reassess to see where they are in terms of manpower. He said calling in the National Guard isn’t out of the question. The mayor said he and Police Chief George Turner will sit down and seriously consider a curfew. Reed said officers are doing all they can not to arrest young people."

God Bless America

G. Edward Griffin, one of the world's experts on the global elite, writes:
Operation Gladio is the code name for a secret underground army, directed by NATO, that operated throughout Europe from the end of World War II through 1996. Its purpose was to thwart the expansion of the Soviet Union.
Gladio became noted for recruiting and financing right-wing extremist groups that could be directed to commit acts of violence and terrorism against their own governments and citizens, thereby creating public anger against anyone who opposed the existing regimes. 
In 1996, the CIA expanded its policy of using right-wing extremist groups for this purpose and began using Islamic extremist organizations. This was called Gladio-B and became the force that has destabilized and overturned countries in the Middle East since then.

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Operation Gladio: BLM Are Being Used as Globalist Pawns to Destabilize U.S. (Video)

By Voice of Reason · Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

What those in Black Lives Matter who are wreaking havoc on streets across America fail to realize, is the narrative they are being fed doesn’t even come close to jiving with the truth as published on the Obama and Loretta Lynch Department of Injustice website. It’s all a lie, but the puppet masters pulling the strings know that once ginned up, the BLM crowd won’t bother to look into the facts. 
The leadership within BLM believes they are being funded by George Soros because he “cares” about their cause, much like Obama claimed to "care" when he campaigned in both his presidential elections… how has that worked out? What the folks in BLM and other Soros funded groups fail to realize, it’s they are pawns being used for SOROS’ cause, and they will have no more to show for THEIR efforts that those who took part in Soros movements in Ukraine, the Arab Spring, the European 'Refugee Crisis,' Ferguson, Baltimore, or Occupy Wall Street have to show for what they honestly thought were THEIR movements too.

In the video below, Alex Jones breaks down how ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a domestic terrorist organization that has been given legitimacy by the media and the Obama administration, and is part of a much bigger plan to destabilize America and bring in UN control to take over. This post will cover the following to demonstrate that this is a well orchestrated plan:
1. A group called The Black Power Political Organization claimed responsibility for the ambush in Dallas, and put out a call for others to join them in sniper assassination attacks worldwide. Their claim was immediately taken down from Facebook, but cached below. 
2. James Corbett compares the Dallas shooting to the 2014 Maidan sniper attack on protesters in Ukraine. Ukraine also had a Soros funded "police brutality movement." It didn't end well there for anyone either. 
3. A video contradicts the previous story by claiming the Dallas shooting was a lone-wolf attack by Micah Xavier Johnson, a former soldier with the US Army. 
The strategy calls for using police brutality as an excuse to federalize American police departments that will be overseen by the United Nations ("police brutality" was the same excuse used by the Soros funded group in Ukraine to destabilize that nation, and usher in a police state not sensitive to ANYONE's rights). To make this happen, Obama and George Soros are promoting violent groups, such as Black Lives Matter, with the goal of bringing a race war to the nation. It is a similar strategy used by Soros when he funded uprisings in Ukraine and the Middle East that destabilized existing governments and replaced them with puppet, totalitarian regimes. Infowars.com

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