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Submitted by: Donald Hank

Yes, Obama IS responsible. So is the media, which represents thugs as heroes. They should be made to pay for their contribution to these murders.
And it did not stop at our shores. A large uncontrollable crowd of leftwing squatters rioted recently in Berlin. If I understood the article correctly, 1800 police were sent in and could not control this bunch. Well, the West is showing everyone that it is not willing to enforce laws.
And, hey, stop listening to people who think legalizing drugs will make it all better.

Obama is Responsible for the Murder of Dallas Police Officers
By Dave Jolly July 11, 2016
Barack Hussein Obama is a black militant who is directly responsible for the deaths of the Dallas Police Officers and other white citizens and cops around the nation!
In 2007, then Senator Barack Obama marched with members of the New Black Panthers at an event in Selma, Alabama. This took place during the early stages of his campaign for the White House. Photos were taken at the time and were posted on Flickr, but by 2011, all of the photos showing Obama marching with his militant buddies had been scrubbed clean. At least one conservative group had managed to make a screen capture of the photo before it mysteriously disappeared. The photos show Obama along with New Black Panther leader Malik Zulu Shabazz and can be seen here.
During the 2008 elections, two members of the New Black Panthers, Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson, were videoed physically intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling location. The two men were arrested and charged with federal felony charges of civil rights violations.
Disregarding eyewitness testimony and the video of them caught in the act, Obama’s legal puppet Eric Holder ordered DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams to drop all of the charges against the two men. Adams was so incensed with Holder’s orders that he quit his lucrative job with the DOJ. This also explains why the photos of Obama and Shabazz disappeared from most websites.
In 2010, Adams reported that Attorney General Eric Holder had released another black militant that makes Shabazz and Jackson look like choir boys. Holder ordered the release of convicted murderer Marilyn Buck, a member of the violent Marxist group the Black Liberation Army. Buck’s rap sheet reads like an Al Qaeda training manual:
  • Acquisition of weapons and ammunition
  • Armored car robbery that resulted in the murder of a guard
  • Bombing US Senate Building
  • Bombing Ft. McNair
  • Bombing Washington Navy Yard Officer’s Club
  • Bombing New York City federal building.
  • Participated in the conspiracies that led to the death of multiple police officers
In most states, Marilyn Buck would have been given a lethal injection or the electric chair. Instead, Attorney General Eric Holder ordered her to be set free because she supposedly: “expressed a dramatic change from her previous political philosophy.”
In 2012, Obama’s good buddies in the New Black Panthers placed a bounty on George Zimmerman for the shooting of Trayvon Martin. They didn’t wait for the trial nor did they wait to learn all of the details about the incident. The bounty announcement on Zimmerman stated it didn’t matter if he was dead or alive. No law enforcement agencies, including the Department of Justice, did anything to the New Black Panthers for their bounty post. In fact, they didn’t even order them to take the bounty down, but allowed it to be broadcast out to the public.
In March 2015, open carry supporters in Texas held a march at the South by Southwest Festival. They were there to support pending legislation to allow the open carry of firearms in many public places. A number of New Black Panther members showed up at the open carry march brandishing all kinds of guns. They were also carrying signs and shouting slogans to incite people to shoot and kill police officers. As they marched along, heading towards the state capitol, the New Black Panther members chanted:
“Oink, Oink, Bang! Bang!”
“A pig is a pig that’s what I said, the only good pig is a pig that’s dead.”
Obama’s illegal and unethical actions while living in the White House have emboldened many black activists. If the Department of Justice won’t prosecute obvious racial hate crimes committed by blacks, then chances are, many other black activists will get away with their hate crimes.
Have you noticed that blacks can attack, beat, rape and murder a white person and it’s not reported as a hate crime, but let a white person look wrongly at a black and it’s automatically classified as a hate crime.
So while Jesse Jackson blindly and stupidly blames Donald Trump for a black man killing white cops in Dallas, everyone needs to look to Obama as being the cause of this act of anarchy. Face it, Obama hates whites, Christians, traditional marriage and everything good about America and is enabling black activists like Micah Xavier Johnson to deliberately murder white cops who had nothing to do with the shootings of black criminals.
Obama is supposed to lead by example and America needs to set the example by slapping his butt in jail for the rest of his life for the many crimes he has committed against America, the American people and the US Constitution.
Rick Stinson

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