Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Dear Conservatives,

The chains are broken.

The shackles are removed.

West Virginia's Right to Work law went into full effect this month, so hard-working men and women in the Mountain State can no longer be forced to hand over a portion of their hard-earned money to Big Labor bosses just to have a job and feed their families.

Just as we predicted, the union bosses are already on a warpath to dismantle it in court.

As soon as the law was passed earlier this year, your National Right to Work Foundation announced the creation of a special task force to defend and enforce the law from union bosses desperate to gut it or undermine it.

Defending state Right to Work laws from spurious assaults by union lawyers is a crucial component of the Foundation's strategic litigation program made possible by the generosity of Right to Work supporters like you.

As you may recall, Foundation staff attorneys have successfully and repeatedly defended state Right to Work laws in the past from similar challenges.

For instance, just a couple of years ago, the Indiana Supreme Court unanimously upheld the law from a spurious union legal assault.

Union bosses were so desperate to undo the pro-worker reform in Indiana, they even argued that Right to Work -- which simply allows workers to choose for themselves whether they want to join or financially support a union -- is a form of slavery

Up is down, left is right, freedom is slavery.

With your help, the National Right to Work Foundation didn't let Big Labor get away with this groundless and offensive attack.

Now in West Virginia, union bosses are making similarly outrageous arguments that echo their nationwide assault on Right to Work laws raging in states like Idaho and Wisconsin.

Union lawyers hope to bleed us dry by filing groundless lawsuits against Right to Work laws to keep the Foundation from going on offense and bringing cases against forced-unionism schemes for victimized employees.

That's why your continued support is so vital.

Please, make your most generous tax-deductible contribution today to support the Foundation's litigation programs.

Too much is at stake to let it all be undone by Big Labor's forced-dues-funded legal attacks.

I hope you agree. If you do, please act right away.


Mark Mix

P.S. The National Right to Work Foundation has launched a legal task force aimed at protecting West Virginia's newly-enacted Right to Work law from spurious assaults by union lawyers like the one just filed in Kanawha Circuit Court.

So please chip in with a tax-deductible contribution of $10 or more today to support the Foundation's programs.

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