Thursday, July 21, 2016


Submitted by: John Porter

To: Americans everywhere.
        On July 19, the American people won the Republican Nomination to be president for Mr. Donald Trump over the objections of the Republican Party big shots, the ultra bias news media, and the never Trump crowd, as it has turned out being led by Ted Cruz.

Now the battle goes on to secure the presidency for Donald Trump and the people. The two sides in this continuing battle remain the same, Donald Trump and the people on one side against the same Trump haters and doubters, now to include Hillary Clinton and her Socialist followers on the other. It's up to us to elect Mr. Donald Trump, or Mrs. Bill (Hillary) Clinton.

He and the American people did it.

      If you aren't going to vote for Mr. Trump then you are either going to vote for Hillary or not vote at all. Oh, excuse me, There is another man running by the name of Gary Johnson. Out of approximately 120-125 million votes that will be cast, he will probably receive around 8 million. So as far as a person's vote counting toward the next president he is a mute issue. It's either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. You must pick one or the other if you intend to vote.
      I would only ask you to sit quietly somewhere and think about what type of Supreme Court Justices you would prefer to sit in judgement on whether an issue is Constitutional or not. Their decisions will effect the direction of this nation for several generations. Their decisions will determine whether this country continues down the path toward Socialism or returns to the foundation of a Constitutional Republic.  If you honestly believe Hillary Clinton would appoint the kind of judges that would return us to a Republic of Individual Freedom and not one of the government regulating and directing our lives for us as subjects of the government, then she is your candidate.

      On the other hand, if you believe Mr. Donald Trump will appoint the type of judges who will keep this nation on the right path as a Constitutional Republic of Individually Free Citizens with the government subjective to us, then he is your candidate. Or if you aren't quite sure what he will do, he is still your candidate, for we all know exactly what Mrs. Bill Clinton WILL do.

      We must make up our minds, and soon, on the kind of Supreme Court we want calling the shots, not only so we can vote for the candidate of our choice, but work to get that person elected, starting now. I have made my choice and I'm working to get Mr. Donald Trump elected. In my humble opinion, it is a no-brainer decision, for there will be probably be at least three appointments to the Court, maybe four. The decision is ours, "We The People," and we and our children and grandchildren will have to live and struggle with it if the wrong decision is made.
I encourage you to forward this to all you can in any manner you wish. Please become involved.

Thank you
John Porter
Harrison, Arkansas

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