Thursday, July 21, 2016


The 2016 “Ya Can’t Fix Stupid” Citation:  As we watched C-Span, unbelievably, yet again, and again on national tv, sore loser Raffy proved (in addition to being ineligible and a likely illegal) why he is unqualified for POTUS...he is incredibly stupid. And, you just can’t fix stupid.  What a dope...he AGAIN committed hari kari on national tv. And if he would do that to himself, he would certainly do it to the USA. We’ve all had enough of that. And, by the way, even Rat Ryan was not that stupid.
  As Jenny said...The canadian vampire can’t be trusted and is a classless weasel with no word of honor (apologies to weasels...and vampires).  Further, Newt was no “help”, by bringing it up when his turn to speak. His “explanation” was truly lame.  But then, maybe he took that as his opportunity to get Raffy out of the way...for a long time. 
  In short, Trump wins again...Raffy loses again....justifying all Americans who had him pegged right from the start. Hopefully, this puts an end to any of his POTUS aspirations. He gave his word...and then dumped on it. Ciao, stupido.
PS: BTW, I wrote the above well before I saw the below.  “On the same track” thinking prevails.
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>Trump Confronts Ted Cruz as Cruz Gets Booed for Not Endorsing Trump
>From: Rob E.....Poof..His political career is over, And RINO Fraud palin is finally GONE.. 
>From: Rob E...Roger Stone: Ted Cruz 'is a dumb son of a bitch'
From: blueislandbobsue ...
One could not trust this man to protect and defend the Constitution!!!    If her were honest and respectful and a true American patriot, he would not be seeking the presidency or the vice presidency.   From: "Nancy Battle"...
Certainly hopes he has totally ruined his political career !  If he thought he was LEGAL, then he does not follow the Organic Constitution !!

From: Jenny...Paul Ryan Launches TV Ads On Curbing Refugees -- After Approving Visas For 300K Muslim Migrants!Desperate Paul Ryan Floods Wisconsin with Misleading Television Ads

From: audree lynn
...What's wrong with being Pro-America?  All of Congress SHOULD be Pro-America but money guides their reasons.  Walker's letter is a sham against WI voters and in part our citizens in not disclosing Ryan's real agendas i.e releasing criminals, why?  Has Ryan said anything about all the TB cases in WI - NO.  Great article to read and share.  From John...Besides being for open borders, TPP and other countries citizens before WI and America this is important.  He wants to release violent criminals including criminal illegal aliens (his jailbreak agenda)  Ryan is more democrat and is definitively not conservative.  Know the truth about Ryan WI and you too America. Ryan is working for other countries and not us.  Fact.
Walker's pro Ryan letter misses truths.....Nervous! Scott Walker Sends Fundraising Letter for Paul Ryan: Nehlen ‘Paul’s Toughest Fight Yet’
BJ3:  And some “republicans” were pushing for this traitor to be VP or POTUS??? That is the REAL problem. From: Rob E
John Kasich Demands More Immigration, Says "Nationalism" is the Problem
BJ3: Nah, there’s no precedent for it (moving that is), but yep, might be interesting...From: sherzieve...
Should prove most interesting.  That is, if Congress actually follows through with it...From: "doug walk" ...
(The Obama/Clinton cartel's holder started this idea to "use" against cops, let's see how the cartel's lynch tries to squeeze her slimy way out of this).
BREAKING: Congress Moves to Charge Hillary With a FEDERAL CRIME | John Hawkins' Right Wing News
By Stephen Frank on Jul 19, 2016 08:39 pm   One reason crime is up is because deportation of criminal illegal aliens are down.  The killers of Pharris in Santa Maria, Steinle in San Fran and hundreds of others around the nation were by illegal liens—almost all of whom had been deported, came back and Obama refused to track them down and send them home—or […]
From: sherzieve  
From: "John Rolls" .....
Obama’s Divide-and-Rule Presidency
Obama and UN Join Forces to Assault Parental Rights Worldwide  The controversial worldwide initiative aims to criminalize spanking and smacking as disciplinary tools, among other things

Judge Jeanine hit the streets of Cleveland on a Motorcycle with Bikers for Trump
From: blueislandbobsue.....
God Bless and Protect our America......And the Beat goes On.....From: "Nancy Battle"
Bikers showed up when they attempted to burn the Flag

From: Dave Hollenbeck
CHP sends an army of officers to help protect GOP convention By Matier & RossJuly 19, 2016

From: Rob E.....Hah-Hah! All of Utah #NeverTrump Delegates Go to Trump After They Misfiled Paperwork

From: Sher Zieve   From: John Rolls
Colorado Is a Staging Area for UN Troops Prepping for Martial Law

From: Jenny.....Epic Alex Jones Attack Caught On Camera!....."Tolerate" left violent attack anyone with different views 

From: Sher Sieve   From: John Rolls
'We have been Conquered from Within, Our Future in Question' | Opinion – Conservative by Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)

From: Peri McMillan   From:
From: chuckolb.....GOP Senate belies party platform before ink is dry.Expect manipulation of facts under new Library of Congress chief   by Dr. Alan Keyes       With the GOP convention in the offing comes a vote in the U.S. Senate that should put any and all sincere proponents of the continued existence of the American republic on notice. It is a startling reminder that the elitist faction GOP is liable to help its Democratic counterpart destroy our very existence as a free people, even when it ostensibly has the power to do otherwise. I am referring to this week's vote in the U.S. Senate to approve Obama's nominee, Carla Hayden, to be the librarian of Congress. Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., chairman of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee "rushed Hayden's nomination to the floor," apparently to make sure she was confirmed before "Congress leaves town for the presidential nominating conventions." Like the man who nominated her, Carla Hayden is a well-known leftist radical. [...]
From: Rob E......And its proven again the Bushy's are no damn good..
Saudi Ambassador Connected To Al-Qaida, Documents Reveal | The Daily Caller 
From: Dave Hollenbeck   From: Bob...My new favorite commercial...A Dog That Barks at Lies - YouTube

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