Thursday, July 21, 2016


Bill O'Reilly To Leave Fox News?

There is a major talent meeting scheduled at Fox News while different hosts consider parting with Roger Ailes. The hope is to form a new network to compete with Fox News. Tensions are rising in the network and some hosts are planning to band together to potentially execute the contract clause that allows them to leave if Ailes is pushed out...

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The Real Reason Fox News Canned Roger Ailes

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Roger Ailes, who built Fox News from the ground up to be a powerful force in cable TV news, has stepped down as CEO of Fox News amid allegations of sexual harassment. Late Thursday afternoon, Fox issued a statement saying Ailes would be...

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Trump Punks Cruz: Boos Reportedly Orchestrated

The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro has an alternative theory about Ted Cruz's speech to the Republican National Convention on Wednesday
night: the Donald Trump campaign "orchestrated the boos." Shapiro has reported...

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'Gay' Conservative Journalist Banned From Twitter By Rabid Feminist

Leslie Jones, feminist star of the newly remade Ghostbusters has been called out on Twitter for her hypocrisy. Jones has been lavished with sympathy recently and engaging the social media trolls. The result was getting this conservative correspondent permanently banned from Twitter...

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