Thursday, July 21, 2016


Sources Say Grand Jury Convened in Coverup of LaVoy Finicum Murder – 4 FBI HRT Team Members May Be Indicted

Is The US Government Setting Up To Murder Thousands Of Its Own Soldiers In A Repeat Of Benghazi, But This Time In Turkey?
Think Progress' LGBT Editor Zack Ford Refers to Killing Cops as "Justice"
Nail-Biting Binary Politics
The Word of God Is Legal
MSNBC Chris Matthews Calls Benghazi Victim's Mother "Liar"
New War Crimes in Germany
Social Engineering of the Globe with Sustainable Development Goals
There Will Be No Second American Revolution: The Futility of an Armed Revolt
Fox News' Shep Smith Repeatedly Scolds Gov. Bobby Jindal Live on Air for Saying "All Lives Matter"
Terror Attack at Police Station in Australia: Car PACKED WITH GAS BOTTLES RAMS into Building
In May, 499 “Syrian Refugees” Entered the U.S. Guess How Many Were Christians?
Teenage Muslim Axe Murderer Who Chopped Up Germans On Train Was A HOMOSEXUAL And Used To Dress Up Like A Woman
Creative Destruction: Donald Trump & America's Big Opportunity
Muslim “Refugee” Attacks German Train Passengers
LA Times Projects Leftist Coup: "Voters Must Stop Trump Before Military Has To"
DoD Creating Virus-Fighting Viruses For Outbreak Emergency: Will “Evolve With Lethal Viruses As They Compete With Them”
19.4 Trillion Dollars In Debt – We Have Added 1.1 Trillion Dollars A Year To The National Debt Under Obama

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