Thursday, July 21, 2016


Donald Trump Officially Announced as Republican Nominee

Major Support from GOP Party

Conservatives Should Unite and Defeat Crooked Hillary


Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman whose outsider campaign has both galvanized millions of voters and divided the Republican Party, is the 2016 GOP presidential nominee.
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The New Yorker's embrace by the Republican National Convention marks a remarkable moment in U.S. political history and validates a campaign that shattered precedent, defied pundits and usurped the GOP establishment.
His son Donald Trump, Jr., cast the votes for the New York delegation that put the billionaire businessman over the top of the 1,237 delegates he needed to clinch the nomination, as any talk of disruptive protest votes or walkouts dissipated.
The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action’s executive director Chris Cox addressed the Republican National Convention after Donald Trump officially became the Republican nominee. While we attack Clinton over her emails, or the Left slams Trump over his business record, we sometimes forget that there are some fundamental rights at stake. One of them is our Second Amendment Rights. Cox warned that this election is not just about gun rights over the next couple of years; this is about the future of the Second Amendment over the next four decades.

Cox also highlighted how the Clintons have lived in government housing for years, and had never had to dial 9-1-1 if they were in trouble. That’s not the same for millions of Americans. He also highlighted how women were the fastest growing demographic of gun owners, who will refuse to adhere to Clinton’s agenda of stripping them of their right to self-defense:
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Trump has created many jobs and understands how big government tends to stifle job creation. Clinton talks about job creation, but has never done it. She’s better at destroying jobs and bragged about putting coal miners out of work.
There is zero reason to believe a Clinton administration would be any improvement over the past eight years, from taxes and spending and regulation to ObamaCare. If elected, moreover, Mrs. Clinton would be working with a Democratic Party that has been pulled sharply left by Bernie Sanders.
Please contribute $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, to support Donald Trump with voter outreach and advertising!
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