Thursday, February 23, 2012


Submitted by: Donald Hank
 Ilegal alien workers to form union

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  1. Comment of Debbie Warren: This is beyond absurd. Every step these invaders take with regard to threats and/or demands for rights they DO NOT HAVE should result in the rounding up and deportation of each and every one of them. Those who incite violence should be incarcerated or worse.

    Life is really very simple. Right and wrong are clear concepts. I don't know anyone who would allow someone to break down the door to their home and then set about making demands. I don't know anyone who would allow an intruder to take over their home and dictate what goes on there. I don't even know of a case where a bona-fide invited guest would be allowed such offensive behavior.

    ABSURD and our public officials have all the necessary tools to nip this s*&$# in the bud.

    Debbie Warren