Thursday, February 23, 2012


Obama Lies to Miami Students
by Lee S Gliddon Jr

Obama went to the University of Miami and rattled off lie after lie and he delivered a speech worthy of Pinocchio. Had he been Pinocchio he would have not been able to get out of the speech venue as his nose would have prevented any egress.

The basic subject of the speech was Obama squirming to avoid any blame from the high prices of gasoline and other fuels. He blithely avoids any mention of his drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico and his demands made by the EPA of regulations that all but strangle any chances of oil production. He also avoided all mention of the Keystone Pipeline project that would have reduced our oil importation from such sources as Saudi Arabia and other Mid East providers.

As Obama took up the chant of, "Drill baby drill," he did his best to debunk the effects that would result from such actions. His only purpose was to rebut Newt Gingrich's stated plan to solve both America's Economic problems as well as Unemployment.

Then, as if to take away any possible rebuttal by any Republicans, Obama claimed that it was the Democrats that were blocked for 30 years in their attempts to drill for oil! As Obama ignored the facts of Offshore Drilling being denied by Democrats, ANWR being denied by Democrats.

Obama loudly proclaimed, "American people are not stupid," as he referenced his lies of blocking by Republicans. Allow me to say, " No, American people are not stupid, but they are being lied to by Barack Obama!"

Obama knows precisely why fuel prices are rising. He is also aware that his supporters in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East will increase Oil production in time to lower prices to have an effect on the November Presidential Election.

As  Obama glibly voiced his lies he alluded to renewable energy. Maybe his awareness of the SOLYNDRA fiasco and other pay offs made our tax dollars to his business supporters was the reason why he was very brief on that part of his speech.

Know this as well. Obama is contemplating ceding OIL RICH Alaskan lands to Russia as he continue to stop any thoughts of drilling in ANWR. Just as Jimmy Carter gave parts of Alaska to Russia he does not want to be outdone by a loser! Well, I have a word for that...a label, "Liar." Anyone who has no thoughts of America gaining energy idependence as he goes about telling anything but the truth deserves nothing more!

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